Mum finds baby son tied up in soaked nappy while nurse went to get coffee

A mum was horrified when she discovered a hospital nurse had tied up one of her sick babies so she could go for coffee.

Ana Trescec said her two twins both had full nappies and their sleepsuits were stained with urine and faeces.

The 39-year-old has hit out at the treatment the five-month-olds received in Zagreb, Croatia.

When she finally managed to confront the nurse, she says she was told: "I can’t be expected to sit with them and change them every five minutes."

Ana was disgusted when she found twins Fran and Filip lying in their hospital beds with soaking wet nappies.

She said: "I was left breathless and deeply shocked. Fran’s genitals were bright red and looked like wounds… I just said ‘Jesus God, what is this?’

"I still cannot compose myself when I remember that scene."

The twins had been admitted to a hospital for infectious diseases suffering from flu and rotavirus, a condition that causes diarrhea and can develop into gastroenteritis.

The head of the clinic, Alemka Markotic, later apologised for the nurse’s answer. But she insisted the babies had received appropriate care.

However, the Croatian Ministry of Health announced it would be carrying out an inspection of the hospital after photographs of the twins appeared in local media.

Ana, who also has a daughter who suffers from severe epilepsy, took the photos herself of the babies which also sparked an angry reaction online.

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