Mum insist on glass of hot water with EVERY meal out 'for safety' – here's why | The Sun

A TIKTOKER sparked a lively debate after she told her followers she always orders a glass of hot water when going out to eat.

The social media user, known as @princessmurdaa1, posted a clip on the site and asked people to guess why she makes the odd request in restaurants.

The TikTok video quickly drew a lot of attention, picking up 115,000 views in just three days.

The woman later confirmed that the water is how she ensures the utensils she uses are clean.

A lot of people agreed with her, revealing that members of their family do the same thing when going to restaurants because they fear the knives and forks might be dirty.

Others said they understood why the poster would do this, given that most silverware is rolled by hand.

“I was a server at Red Lobster, why did everyone do this?” one commenter said.

“We’ll be rolling silverware bare hands I don’t blame you.”

“I worked at a restaurant before, I can promise you they don’t clean the silverware right,” another poster wrote.

“Silverware be dirty af with food still on it and given to customers like that.”

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A third commenter said: “Now that I think of it, I think I’ll bring my own.

“Didn’t realize how dirty silverware is till now.”

However, others thought asking for hot water wouldn’t solve the potential problem because water needs to reach a boiling temperature before it can effectively kill any bacteria.

“Boiling water kills bacteria there is literally no reason for this,” one person wrote.

“Waters not hot enough to sanitize anything lol needs to be literally boiling,” another stated.

Others though pointed out that while she was concerned about the state of the silverware, she didn’t seem bothered about other dishes and plates, saying they were all washed together.

“What about the plates and cups though?” one commentator asked.

“They all going through the same raggedy dish washer.”

“This [is] dumb for the simple fact that your dishes and silverware are washed together and most cooks don’t wear gloves to put (your) meal on your plate,” another one wrote.

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