Mum who kidnapped her boy, 4, and took him 4,000 miles away walks free from court after the boy's dad urges judge not to jail her

Nakisa Hoodfar, 31, tricked Kyle Wallwork into signing passport papers on the false basis she was taking their four-year-old son on holiday to Spain.

But the restaurant manager, from Stockport, Greater Manchester, had actually taken him to live in Kuwait with her new boyfriend.

Mr Wallwork – who was separated from Hoodfar – only realised he had been duped when he couldn't get hold of her to speak to his son and called cops.

But Hoodfar, who went onto have two more children and marry, spent three years in Kuwait before returning to the UK of her own accord in July this year.

At Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, Hoodfar admitted child abduction and was sentenced to two years imprisonment suspended for two years.

The boy now eight is currently living with his mother, her husband and his two half-siblings, at an address in Withington, Manchester.

In a statement Mr Wallwork said: "She took my son from me for over three years knowing that I would not have consented.

"That’s a massive chunk of his life I have missed.

"I am always thinking of what is best for my son and I don’t want to remove him from his mother.

"I do get to see him most weekends. I don’t want her to go to prison, but what she did cannot go unpunished.

"Those three years have lost me a massive amount of time with my son."

Hoodfar, who had custody of the boy, took him to Kuwait in July 2015 after splitting from Mr Wallwork and meeting a new man.

Prosecuting, David Lees, said: “Mr Wallwork was having regular contact with his son but the defendant asked for his consent to get a passport for the boy so she could take him on holiday to Spain.

''Mr wallwork agreed but became suspicious when he couldn’t get hold of Miss Hoodfar.

"He kept trying until August 31, called the police then found out that she had taken their son to Kuwait, which she was not allowed to do.

"A court order was made for his return but it was not until July this year that he was returned, so three years after he was taken out of this jurisdiction.

''But she would enable Skype contact between the two of them while in Kuwait.

"She told Kyle that she left the country to have a new life in Kuwait with a new partner. She did, however, return on her own accord.''

In mitigation, defence lawyer Kelly Cyples, said: "Ms Hoofar did not intend remain out of the country for the amount of time that she did.

“In Kuwait, she kept her son and his father in regular contact, and she invited Mr Wallwork to see his son, but he declined.

"She didn’t have any knowledge that what she did was an offence of abduction, she didn’t realise you could abduct your own child."

Ms Cyples added: "She fell pregnant twice, both were unplanned, and there is a law in Kuwait that prevents the mother travelling without her child without the father’s permission.

“There’s no risk now of the boy being taken out of this jurisdiction again.

"Since her return, she has secured employment and she looks after three children.

"She is the only person in the house who has a job as her husband cannot work yet in this country."

Sentencing Judge Tina Landale told her he was handing her a "lenient sentence" for her son's welfare.

He said: "Your offence is extremely serious. It is particularly serious because of the lengthy period you abducted him for – three years.

"Your offence has caused damage to the emotional relationship with him and his father.

“You kept him out of the country despite knowing there was a court order for his return.

"You have shown a total disregard for the court process.

“In mitigation, you do offer some contact with his father now and you are co-operating with the authorities to re-establish their relationship.

"The boy's father thinks that he is best with you.

“The personal mitigation and, most importantly, your son's welfare allows me to suspend your sentence."

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