My massive 16-month-old boy weighs more than an EIGHT-year-old and wears his dad’s clothes over his XXXL nappies | The Sun

A BABY boy is so massive that his mum has been forced to put him into his father's clothes as he continues to grow.

Muhammad Kenzi Alfaro weighs an astonishing 27kg, and can only fit into XXXL-sized diapers.

Footage of the massive baby went viral as his mum helped him sit up in their Bandung Regency, Indonesia home.

The chunky toddler is the same weight as the average eight-year-old, according to estimates.

The average weight of a 16-month is roughly 10kg, putting baby Kenzi 17kg above his fellow babes.

Mum Pitriah said Kenzi is so large that the family's stroller isn't strong enough to support him.


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Kenzi is not able to sit or stand on his own yet due to his young age, but continues to grow.

The boy can reportedly fit into his father's clothing, who Pitriah says is 41.

She said: "His father's body is also small. His father's clothes just fit him, sometimes they are also worn on my son."

Pitriah said the diapers they buy for young Kenzi aren't strong, so they only use them when he sleeps at night to save money.

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The mum said there are not many XXXL sized diaper products sold in their town, so Kenzi has been forced to wear XXL-sized diapers – but they're too small.

She continued: "So I put on the double XL, I also bought the one in the shop, but the triple XL in the shop doesn't exist."

After discovering the boy's weight, Indonesian health workers are providing intensive outpatient care to him.

Kenzi is reportedly undergoing routine examinations at Hermina Bekasi Hospital as an effort to lose weight.

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