My mum always told me to make money out of men… so I set up a raunchy online account & now rake in $36k a month

A WOMAN has revealed how she now makes $36k a month selling raunchy videos online.

Natalia Reynolds, from England, said she followed her mum's advice about making money from men and has been raking in the cash ever since.

Natalia posted the video to her TikTok account, missnataliarae, where the video has been viewed 1.5 million times.

In the caption, she writes: "Make money from men my mum always said… so I did."

Whilst Natalie and her husband are perfectly content with the way Natalia makes money on OnlyFans, some users on TikTok were quick to judge, which Natalia says happens often.

One user wrote: "Your parents and kids must be so proud of you."

To which Natalia replied in a video, saying; "So I get this comment a lot, and it makes me laugh every single time.

"Because 99.9% of the time it comes from a guy.

"They probably don't know what these sort of activities actually are but everybody does it.

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"Your mum's done it, your nan's done it.

"But just because I will publicly say I've had my milk here there and everywhere, it makes my kids or parents 'not proud of me.'

"Everyone does it, your kids are going to do it.

"Stop acting as if it is the worst thing on earth because it is not, everyone does it, get over it, it's fun.

"If you haven't done it, do it."

Fortunately, there were lots of people who supported Natalia's choices and came to her defense, one user wrote: "Why do any of you have a problem with what she does? As long as she’s not hurting anyone, how does it affect your life? Move along."

Another user commented: "Girl how? I don’t care what people think if that’s paying my bills."

A third user replied: "Good for you hun. No hate towards you for doing you. Ignore the negative comments. Only positive vibes your way."

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