My mum won £2.2million in the lottery – she kept it a secret from everyone… but it made me feel like a failure

A WOMAN has told how her mum won a whopping £2.2million in the lottery – and managed to keep it a secret from everyone.

Sharing the story under the pseudonym Charlotte Thomas, she explained how her mother became a millionaire and changed her life forever.

But despite sounding like a dream come true, bagging the Lotto jackpot "also left a trail of damage" in its wake.

Charlotte explained she had been working her usual weekend shift in a coffee shop in 2011 when she received a phone call from her mum.

After struggling to get her words out, her mum eventually whispered: "I’ve won. I’ve got six numbers."

She wrote in Metro: "It was always her goal to retire early and put her feet up, but for it to actually be possible was beyond her wildest dreams."

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Charlotte's mum had set up a work syndicate – which ended up paying off, big time.

Despite most of her colleagues dropping out over the years, her and her best pal persisted with the lotto and both became millionaires.

But Charlotte was sworn to secrecy and had to continue her shift without revealing her family's good fortune.

She explained: "I was so shocked; I wanted to go and immediately to see her, and double check the ticket.

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"But I had to get through my entire shift without telling a soul.

"I realised when I got home just how much our family’s lives were about to change, but not in the way I expected."

After graduating from university just a few months later, Charlotte's mum proudly told her to jack in her cafe job, vowing to financially support her until she found a career related to her degree. 

She told how her days soon became filled with "long lunches" and extravagant shopping trips, as her lucky mum splashed the cash.

The Lotto winner purchased brand new motors for her three kids, a new house and even gifted Charlotte a Chanel handbag for Christmas.

But while reaping the rewards of her mum's win, Charlotte struggled to keep up with her new lifestyle.

Three years after graduating, she was in the red by £2,500 after splurging on expensive lunches, nights out with friends and buying clothes.

Charlotte realised she "that to stop living like I had won too" and make use of her degree which she had dedicated herself to.


The determined daughter bagged a job with a recruitment agency managing their social media.

And her career continued to prosper, seeing her land another role working as a copywriter for a series of brands.

Charlotte steadily began stumping up for her overdraft – but never asked her mum for a penny.

She explained her mum's win had resulted in her sibling's sponging off the windfall, leading to "constant family arguments over her constant requests for money."

She shared the cautionary tale of her family's financial triumph in a bid to warn others that money can't buy you happiness.

While the Lotto win had an "amazing" impact on her loved ones, it also brought a string of issues along with it.

Her mum's friend, who also scooped the jackpot, retired in her late 30s and later divorced her husband.

But after the novelty of her new lifestyle had worn off, she tragically turned to drink and developed an alcohol problem.

Her problems continued to spiral as the woman then lost her licence for drunk driving, before isolating herself and eventually passing away.

The same thrill I used to get from buying a Mulberry handbag, I now get when I see money sitting in my savings account. 

Charlotte recalled: "It shook my mum to her core."

In a bid to stop the money coming in between her relationship with her mum, she has now created a more "balanced" set up.

They both share the costs of outings, as well as setting a spending limit for birthday's and Christmas presents.

Charlotte says her attitude towards money and her "family dynamic" has been completely transformed by her mum's Lotto win.

She added: "The same thrill I used to get from buying a Mulberry handbag, I now get when I see money sitting in my savings account. 

"I used to walk into a supermarket and pick up whatever I fancied for dinner, now I’m meal planning and scouring yellow sticker items." 

But despite witnessing firsthand what "damage it can do", Charlotte still tries her luck on the Lotto – and everyone remains unaware of her mum's windfall, over a decade later.

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