My parents bought a 100lb pet dog for $10 from a shelter – it turned out to be a creature unsafe for a family home | The Sun

A DOG lover has told the story of their 100lb childhood pup which turned out to be a creature unfit to be around babies.

Tumblr user Gallus Rostromegalus said their parents were shocked to discover the massive beast was actually part wolf, but it ended up making her an even better pet.

The online storyteller shared the tale as part of their "Family Lore" series on the social media site in 2017.

It was 1987 Palo Alto, and Gallus' mother was looking for a new pup.

Her German Shepherd named Cops had recently passed away, and she and her future husband decided to get a dog together.

They went to a shelter where the Tumblr user's mom said that she preferred "big dogs," which caused the employee to immediately light up.

The delighted worker said they had a huge beautiful animal in the back that could be adopted that day by experienced dog owners.

"Somehow my parents were not suspicious about this," Gallus wrote.

The pup was a massive 100lb beast that acted far sweeter than she looked.

With one look at those puppy dog eyes, Gallus's mom decided she wouldn't be going home alone, and decided to name her Mazel.

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Living with Mazel had no shortage of challenges and great fun.

Gallus wrote that the giant beast would hunt down squirrels and present them to their mother like an offering, and tricked their dad into getting treats all the time.

One day, she managed to sneak out of the property when the side-yard gate was undone, but always made it back in time for dinner.

About a week after taking her home, Gallus's mom took the big girl to the vet.

According to the storyteller, the doctor immediately jumped at the sight of Mazel and deemed her "a wolf."

The vet eventually decided that she was likely a High content wolfdog, meaning that she likely had a bit of husky in her, but was indistinguishable from a pure wolf.

With a bit of reservation, Dr. Hamada decided it was okay to send her home with the dog, but warned that they would have to get rid of her if they had children.

"Two years later, mom got pregnant with me," Gallus wrote.

They decided to keep Mazel around and see how she reacted to living with a baby.

The night that Gallus was born, they said that their mom stayed in the hospital while their dad brought a blanket with the new baby scent on it.

"Mazel spent the whole night puzzling over it," the storyteller wrote.

Thankfully, the huge wolfdog took Gallus into her pack and became "the most aggressively maternal being I've ever met.

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"Dr. Hamada thought mom was a madwoman, until he saw me holding Mazel's mouth open and sticking my face in so I could look at her teeth."

Mazel lived to the ripe age of 19 and a half and spent her life keeping Gallus and their siblings safe while they ran the streets of Palo Alto together.

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