My pet is a social media star – people always ask if it's a cat or a dog and the answer is something much wilder | The Sun

A FAMOUS social media pet has people stunned when they find out it’s not just a regular house cat.

Tito is a native jungle cat who lives in a house in the city with its owner and its sibling Bear who is a purebred Yorkie.

The jungle cat has obtained a whopping 16.5K followers on Instagram under the user name (@bearandkittyinthecity.)

People love to keep up with the exotic animal living a house cat life.

Tito’s social media page is frequently updated with pictures of his daily activities.

This includes hanging around the house, relaxing outside, eating eggs and raw steaks for snack time, playing with rugs, napping in a cat bed, playing with Bear, and chewing up boxes.

Tito also likes to wear a bowtie and a Louis Vuitton collar in some of his pictures.

The jungle cat, also known as Felis chaus, is one of the most common small wild cats in Southeast Asia.

They also naturally live near the Nile River Valley in Africa, India, and throughout tropical China.

The wild cat was once thought to be a close relative to a lynx due to its appearance but is actually more closely related to a house cat.

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The vocalization of the jungle cat is also very distinctive and sounds like it's saying a loud “wow," per an animal conservation center in North Carolina.

Tito’s owner took him in knowing he was a wild animal but some people accidentally take one in without even knowing it.

Another animal lover has learned that what she thought was a stray kitten she took in to care for was actually a wild predator.

While a family brought home a kitten to later discover that it was actually a wild animal after it made a weird noise.

A volunteer at a cat shelter rescued a little black kitten and eventually found out the animal wasn’t what it first appeared. 

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