Near-miss collision caught on tape in Napanee snowstorm

What could have been a serious collision in Napanee during a snowstorm was caught on video.

Michael Ferris sent dashcam footage to Global News of an incident that he said happened around 4 p.m. on Tuesday while the area was experiencing significant snowfall.

The video shows a large truck pulling out from what Ferris says is the Petrocan parking lot on Highway 41 just north of Napanee.

Ferris says a pickup truck was travelling in the opposite direction, and by the time the larger truck pulled out from the parking lot, the pickup was already skidding and couldn’t stop.

In order to avoid the large truck, the video shows the red pickup sliding across the road and travelling into a ditch, narrowly missing a light pole.

“Luckily he had presence of mind to attempt to keep going, and with 4-wheel drive managed to drive back out of the ditch and all was OK,” Ferris said in an email.

Ferris has sent the video to the company who owns the truck, but has not sent the video to OPP.

OPP have yet to respond to a request for comment.

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