Ninja and Pokimane's drama explained

TWITCH stars Ninja and Pokimane have been feuding following Jidion's ban from the streaming service.

The flare-up came after fellow Twitcher Jidion saw his ban become permanent for spearheading a "hate campaign" against Pokimane.

What's happened between Ninja and Pokimane?

According to HITC, the feud kicked off when one of Pokimane's streams, claiming Ninja tried to help Jidion "evade" his Twitch ban, went viral.

The clip was shared by E-Sport's commentator Jake Lucky.

Pokimane alleged that Ninja offered to help Jidion by communicating with his "Twitch representative" to see if anything could be done to shorten or overturn the streamer's ban.

Jidion was banned from Twitch after he encouraged his chat to flock to Pokimane's Twitch stream, saying "everybody say L + Ratio" in her chat.

Jidion has since apologised.

Pokimane shared a screen shot of a private conversation she had with Jessica Blevins.



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Is Ninja really going to sue Pokimane over Jidion Twitch drama?

The message notes that Ninja's team was planning on taking legal action and refutes claims made by Pokimane, according to HITC.

A part of the message reads: "You know twitch, you claim you know his rep, then you know from them that tyler NEVER reached out to anyone, and AGAIN, just said that to stop the harassment in his chat from jidions viewers."

Jessica added: "“We have clarified everything to you.

“You are actively bringing harassment to Tyler [Ninja] and I right now at the highest level and we are taking this very seriously.”

Pokimane responded in a Tweet saying: "I think Jessica is trying to say that ninja PRETENDED to text his twitch representative, which I’m willing to accept and cannot disprove.

"I just wanted the clip out there to show what happened."

Why was Ninja helping Jidion?

Pokimane alleges Ninja wanted to help Jidion return to Twitch.

Pokimane said: "Why Ninja would help someone evade a ban for harassing me, I have no idea. I genuinely don’t know.

"That night, yes, it sucked to have so many messages in my chat doing whatever, but Ninja’s behavior is actually what surprised and bothered me the most."

Ninja has tweeted that "all will be explained" but had not elaborated further.

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