NYPD-bashing ideologues just don’t care about reality

Every day makes it more obvious that facts just don’t matter to the cop-bashers and the politicians who cater to them.

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea gamely told the truth again Thursday, calling out state and city lawmakers for “going too far” to “handcuff” the NYPD.

“I think we’ve crossed a tipping point on many levels in terms of taking tools away from the police that maybe these last two months it’s just a completely different situation where it’s a toxic environment,” Shea told CNN.

He says these issues should be beyond politics, but the problem is that the NYPD’s enemies are all about politics. Heck, Shea’s remarks came a day after Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a package of police reforms into law, including ones the mayor admits will make cops’ jobs harder at a time when violent crime is soaring.

How much harder? Well, the head of the State Police union called on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to pull state troopers from assignments in the city because the new law poses major legal risks for any cop who winds up in a struggle with a civilian.

De Blasio and the City Council don’t care, just as the progressives who run the Legislature ignore the follies of their no-bail law.

No matter that the victims of the crime wave are overwhelmingly black and Hispanic: That reality doesn’t fit the cop-bashers’ narrative, so it gets ignored.

They won’t even admit that the criminal-minded have infiltrated the ranks of peaceful protesters. Witness the video showing the handing out of bats to Occupy City Hall thugs shortly before a community and clergy march against gun violence and to show support for the demonized, demoralized NYPD.

What’s next? Well, police foundations here and across the country are scrubbing their websites of information IDing board members and corporate sponsors: It’s an effort to head off harassment by activists making threats to stop the charities from helping local PDs buy new policing technologies.

It’s a national, ideological war on the men and women who keep innocents safe. Elected officials who play along are, in effect, siding with the gang-bangers and other thugs blazing away in the streets.

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