Outrage as naked Playboy model Marissa Papen celebrates Notre Dame fire with sick post

PLAYBOY model Marisa Papen sparked outrage by celebrating the Notre Dame fire in Paris.

The 26-year-old made headlines around the world for her anti-religious controversies which included posing nude with a giant crucifix at the Vatican.

She also caused outrage in Israel after posing in front of Jerusalem's Wailing Wall.

Then in Turkey she lifted up her burka to reveal her genitals inside Istanbul's iconic Hagia Sophia — a former Byzantine church and Ottoman mosque which is now a museum.

The Belgian shock model has now posted cheery remarks to the burning down of the iconic Notre Dame cathedral in the French capital of Paris.

Papen wrote on social media: “Churches are burning… A new Era is gonna come!!!!”

Speaking from Iceland, Papen, who spoke from Iceland where she is working on a new project, said that while she does appreciate “the architectural art and beauty” of Notre Dame she couldn’t care less that it burned down.

Ms Papen said: “What's built of nature, belongs to nature. So nature shall reclaim.

“For a long time, we have shown no respect for nature. We have depleted the Earth to build something to honour 'God'.”

Churches are burning… A new era is gonna come!!!!

According to the Belgian shock artist, it is time to “look at our real God beneath our feet, our Earth” instead of “blindly staring into the sky”.

Ms Papen said: “I wish everyone were as involved with nature as with this Notre Dame.”

But her controversial comments have come under fire.

Dwight John Christopher Kassulke tweeted: “I'm not a churchgoer Marisa… but your endorsement of destruction of property is unacceptable.

“Besides, not every church individual is responsible for the abuse that you mentioned!!! (sic)” Shah Kahn' wrote: "Nasty piece of gusset".

Meanwhile Bulent H. Albayrak' asked Papen: "No compassion for architecture an history? (sic)"

The model, who is also known for her conservationist campaigns for wildlife and nature, further shocked believers by saying that now “perhaps all the archives of child pornography went up in flames as well”.



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The controversial Belgian artist explained that while growing up as a Catholic herself in the Flanders region of Belgium, she started to question religious authorities when she was just 12 and heard about the abuse of a friend by a clergyman.

Ms Papen said: “I was 12 when a very close friend opened up about what had happened to her when she was about six years old.

“I was disgusted, in tears and at the same time in complete disbelief. I had gone to church with my grandma so many times.

"I was baptised, I did my Holy Communion, in fact I was part of that whole thing. I couldn't understand why if this was true and people knew about this, the church still had so many followers.

“A few years later my boyfriend told me a similar story about what had happened to him when he was a communicant.

"The pain I saw in his eyes pierced through my heart.”

Credit: Getty – Contributor
Fallen debris from the burnt out roof structure sits near the high altar

Credit: Getty – Contributor
A hole is seen in the dome inside

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