Photo of perfectly hidden reptile in undergrowth leaves Facebook viewers baffled

A PHOTO of a snake lurking in the undergrowth has left some viewers doubting it is even there.

Facebook users stumped by the spot-the-snake challenge claimed those who shared the image are “pulling our collective leg”.

The snap was posted online by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, based in Queensland, Australia.

It shows what appears to be an innocuous forest scene with grass and shrubs sprouting under the trees.

But a camouflaged reptile is hiding somewhere in the greenery – and followers have to try and spot it.

The image was shared to Facebook as part of the weekly game “Spot the Snake Sunday”.

It was captioned: “See how you go today guys! Keep an eye out for snakes today as the sun is back out!”

Amateur snake spotters from all over the globe attempted to solve the puzzle – and many of their answers were wide of the mark.

“There’s lots of snakes in this pic,” claimed one viewer.

“Which one do you mean,” joked another.

One confident guesser said: “I see it but can’t tell what kind. If I had to guess, I’d say a python.”

Some viewers were deliberately vague in their guesses.

One said: “Between the leaf on far left n leaf on far right.”

Another said: “Across the middle of the log more to the left.”

Other Facebook users admitted defeat and agreed to leave the job to the experts.

“Mate I struggle to find a spoon in the cutlery tray I got no hope,” said one.

“I would most likely step on it and get bitten because I’m useless at spot the snake!” admitted another.

One failed puzzler said: “I reckon you’re pulling our collective leg.

“I took a screen shot and then zoomed right in and went over the whole pic. I can't see anything that resembles a snake???”

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers later revealed the snake is hiding in the centre of the photo, poking out from under a log.

It has been identified as a coastal carpet python, the largest snake species in the Brisbane area.

They can grow up to 14ft and although non-venomous are able to cause serious injuries with their bites.

In May a 17lb coastal carpet python with 100 teeth was found in a kitchen after a family heard noises from their roof in Brisbane.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers have previously challenged Facebook users to find a serpent hiding in a family's garage.

Another almost-invisible python was snapped lurking on a patio.

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