Piers Morgan boasts his clash with Matt Hancock over free school meals broke records after 30 million watch awkward row

PIERS Morgan bragged his clash with Matt Hancock over free school meals on Good Morning Britain broke viewer records.

The feisty presenter proudly announced that his face-off with the health secretary had been viewed nearly 30 million people – making it the most watched in GMB history.

Mr Hancock appeared on Good Morning Britain after mums and dads shared their fury over meagre meal replacements for hungry children during lockdown.

However, during his appearance on GMB, Mr Hancock refused seven times to comment on whether he regretted not backing Marcus Rashford's children's food campaign.

Piers branded the food packages "a complete disgrace" and asked him directly how much he spent on his own children's food every week, to which Mr Hancock replied he "doesn't have much time to cook at the moment."

Following the awkward stand-off with the health secretary, Piers said: "What’s extraordinary is had he said, 'On reflection, we got that wrong', everyone watching would have said fair enough. They would have thought a little bit better of the health secretary. 

"As it is, that clip has now had nearly 30 million views. It’s the most-watched clip in the history of Good Morning Britain which, when you think about what Danny Dyer said on TV about David Cameron, that’s quite something.


"But that means 30 million people, 28 million of whom would not have watched it in real time, 30 million people now have a worse view of him than they did before from that interview because of his chronic ability…" 

Susanna Reid said: "To say he regretted voting against extending free school meals for poor kids."

Piers continued: "If he didn’t regret it, why did they change the policy, of course they regretted it… None of them seem able to say, 'Yeah, we changed the policy because it was wrong, because Marcus Rashford rightly pricked our conscience about it'." 

Those eligible for free school meals are entitled to £30 food vouchers, though some parents have stated they have received food bundles instead that cost a fraction of the price.

The packages which are put together by food service company Chartwells, largely consist of crumpled sandwiches, packets of tuna, cheese and a few potatoes, according to pictures circulating social media.

Mr Hancock replied: "Yeah, absolutely – but the company has apologised.

"I'm glad this has surfaced on social media."

Piers and co-host Susanna Reid then asked Mr Hancock if he regretted voting against the campaign.

But the politician refused to answer the question a total of seven times – instead repeating that he was "really glad" the initiative had been put into place.

Piers said MPs had been "shamed into it by a young football player with a conscience", and asked again: "You wouldn't have done it without Rashford – do you regret voting against it?"

Mr Hancock parroted his answer – finally admitting he's "really glad it's happening now" and "really glad this situation has been resolved".

"The good thing is, that's what we're delivering and we're sorting the problem and the minister in the Department for Education has spotted it and acted on it," he said.

Marcus Rashford took to twitter to share his outrage over the disappointing food parcels.

"If families are entitled to £30 worth of food, why is their delivery onlyequating to just over £5?

"One child or three, this is what they are receiving? Unacceptable."

Both the Department of Health and the Department of Education said they were looking into it, after claims of other small deliveries were made.

Three Lions hero Rashford forced a Government U-turn over vouchers in the summer holidays and was recently awarded an MBE.

Rashford has raised £20million for FareShare and has helped out in Manchester foodbanks with his mum Melanie.

In a statement on Twitter the Department of Education said: "We are looking into this.

"We have clear guidelines and standards for food parcels, which we expect to be followed. Parcels should be nutritious and contain a varied range of food."

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer tweeted: "The images appearing online of woefully inadequate free school meal parcels are a disgrace.

"Where is the money going? This needs sorting immediately so families don't go hungry through lockdown."


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