Police officers under investigation after attending lockdown party

Up to 10 Sussex Police officers are under investigation after they were caught by colleagues at illegal house party during lockdown while off-duty

  • Sussex Police officers were called to report of large noisy house party on May 15
  • On arrival, they discovered large number of off-duty officers were in attendance
  • Force has now launched an internal investigation into officers who were at party
  • Sources claim as many as 10 are involved in ‘major embarrassment’ for the force 

Police officers called to break up an illegal lockdown party were left stunned when they discovered up to a dozen off-duty officers at the raucous bash.

Police were called after reports of a party with loud music and up to 30 guests at a large house in Hove on May 15 just two days before lockdown restrictions were eased.

When the householder opened the door, officers from Sussex Police found several off-duty colleagues drinking and eating inside the property in contravention of Covid regulations.

Up to 10 Sussex Police officers are under investigation after they were caught by colleagues attending an illegal house party during lockdown while off-duty in Hove, Sussex (pictured)

Last night a number of officers were under investigation by the force’s professional standards department.

A source said up to 10 officers are thought to be involved causing ‘major embarrassment’ for the force.

She said: ‘The party was quite a loud affair with music, alcohol and food and lots of guests having a great time.

‘The officers who responded must have got quite a shock when they opened the door only to discover the illegal party was packed with their colleagues who were on a day off.

‘To find that a load of serving police officers are being ‘Covidiots’ is a major embarrassment for the force, especially as they have been handing out these draconian £10,000 fines to Covid rule-breakers.

‘People will be watching to make sure the same penalties are handed out to those found to have broken the rules.’

Chief Superintendent Nick May said Covid breaches were taken very seriously

A spokeswoman for Sussex Police said: ‘Police officers were called to an address in Hove, following reports of a gathering inside on Saturday, 15 May at 8.46pm.

‘They entered and found a number of off-duty officers present. This incident, in breach of current lockdown restrictions, is being investigated by the force’s professional standards department.’

Chief Superintendent Nick May said: ‘We take Covid-related breaches very seriously and we are actively investigating this matter.

‘The officers involved have not been suspended while the investigation continues.’

Sussex Police handed out several fines for people who held illegal parties during lockdown.

Police cracked down on the organisers of several parties in Sussex between September and November handing out £10,000 fines.

The latest lockdown restrictions were eased on May 17 but prior to this date, it was illegal for gatherings of more than six people to meet indoors. 

In January, officers broke up a party of more than 100 people at University of Sussex halls of residence and handed out £200 fines.

Also that month, a music producer was handed a £10,000 fine after organising a gathering of about 30 people in Eastbourne. 

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