Police use ‘Grinch’-inspired poem to catch Christmas decoration thief

Dr. Seuss would be proud of a police department that used poetry to catch a thief who stole Christmas decorations from a Texas home.

Video released by the Aubrey Police Department showed the Grinch-like suspect, on a front porch surveillance camera, pulling up to the home on Lakeview Drive in Providence in a Cadillac sedan and taking off with a Christmas wreath.

Police wrote a poem inspired by the famed children’s writer to describe the crime.

“It could be her head wasn’t screwed on just right,” part of the poem read. “It could be, perhaps, that her shoes were too tight.”

“If you know this Grinch, just contact the Aubrey Police. If you are this Grinch, we know you stole the wreath,” the poem continued.

The suspects were caught on Thursday with the help of tipsters who called police. The investigation continues, as other homeowners have reported their own displays as stolen, authorities said.

Police did not release the identities of the suspected Grinches.

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