President and First Lady Melania arrive in Britain

Trumps touch down: President and First Lady Melania arrive in Britain ahead of crunch Nato meeting – and amid fears he will wade into UK election campaign

  • Donald Trump makes third official trip to UK during his time at the White House, tweeting a take-off video  
  • He will be hosted at Buckingham Palace for a royal reception just ten days before the UK General Election  
  • No official meeting has yet been organised between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the President  

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania have arrived on UK soil ahead of the Nato summit in London this week.

Air Force One arrived at Stansted Airport this evening, and staff were pictured eagerly awaiting his arrival on the tarmac. 

The pair made their way off the plane, with Melania sporting a bright red coat and black heels, with the President wearing a suit and blue tie. 

The couple left the White House earlier today, with the President nearly forgetting wife Melania as she ran behind him in order to catch him up before they boarded helicopter Marine One, ahead of their international flight on Air Force One.

His arrival comes amid fears that the leader will wade into the UK election campaign, however it is believed that no formal meeting has yet been set up between current Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the President. 

The US President’s visit will be his third official trip to Britain during his time at the White House and the leader will be attending a reception at Buckingham Palace tomorrow, which Prince Andrew will not be attending after it was rumoured that the Queen banned him from the visit.

US Ambassador to the UK Woody Johnson welcomed ‘POTUS and FLOTUS to the UK’ and said it was ‘great to have them back’. 

World leaders will also be arriving in the capital this evening for the 70th Nato summit, where the President is set to question Washington’s commitment to the group. 

A Presidential wave: Trump wave to members of the press who attended Stansted Airport this evening to greet the President 

Melania looked fresh despite the long flight after landing in London this evening as she accompanies the President 

US President Donald Trump (R) and US First Lady Melania Trump disembark Air Force One after landing at Stansted Airport

Trump and Melania (out of shot) are greeted after they disembarked from Air Force One ahead of the 70th Nato summit

Trump appeared at the door of Air Force One before disembarking the aircraft following the long flight over from Washington

Stepping out: The President and the First Lady are seen holding hands as they disembarked the aircraft in London 

Air Force One, carrying US president Donald Trump, taxis on the tarmac after landing at Stansted Airport, northeast of London

Air Force One is pictured above pulling up on the tarmac this evening in London ahead of the Nato summit later this week 

As Trump landed this evening, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn welcomed him to Britain with a letter demanding he will not try to push medicine prices up through a post-Brexit trade deal.

To mark Mr Trump’s arrival in London for the start of the Nato summit, Mr Corbyn has written to him asking for reassurances that his administration will not try to include selling higher-priced US drugs to the NHS on its trade wish list.

Last week, the Labour Party leader called a press conference at which he brandished an unredacted report that gave details of meetings between US and UK officials, where they discussed the stipulations of a free trade deal between the two nations after Britain leaves the European Union.

The document included confirmation of a round of meetings ‘dedicated solely to patents and pharmaceuticals’, where officials explained how drugs were approved for use on the NHS and described a US request for ‘total market access’ to UK public services – a form of privatisation – as a ‘baseline’ for an agreement.

In his letter, Mr Corbyn told the president he wanted ‘assurances’ over the ‘prices paid to US drugs companies as a consequence of any such UK trade deal with the US’.

Forget something? Video from the couple’s departure shows the President walking off towards Marine One, apparently unaware that his wife was not with him 

There she is: Melania soon caught up to her husband, after walking quickly across the wet White House Lawn

Earlier today Mr Trump made the short trip on Marine One from the White House to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland before he boarded Air Force One bound for London.

It is thought he could wade into the election campaign, with all of the major political parties in the UK braced for a potential bombshell intervention this week. 

Earlier today he tweeted a take-off video, writing: ‘Heading to Europe to represent our country and fight hard for the American people while the Do Nothing Democrats purposely scheduled an impeachment hoax hearing on the same date as Nato. Not nice!’ 

Mr Trump was referring to the House impeachment report on him which will be unveiled in the US today behind closed doors for key politicians.

Democrats are pushing ahead with the inquiry despite the White House’s declaration it will not participate in the first Judiciary Committee hearing.

Democrats claim the report will speak for itself over what they called the evidence of ‘wrongdoing and misconduct’ by the Republican over his actions towards Ukraine.  

It comes as Nigel Farage warned UK politicians not to demonise Mr Trump as he claimed it would be a ‘great mistake’ to alienate him during his visit to Britain.

Mr Trump has previously expressed concern about the cost of Nato and has been unhappy at how much the other 28 members contribute.

In his State of the Union address earlier this year, he said that the US had been ‘treated very unfairly by friends of ours, members of Nato’ over a period of years.

During his presidential campaign he called the alliance ‘obsolete’ and criticised other members whose security he thought was being subsidised by the States.

However, he has since U-turned on that stance, to the relief of many, saying: ‘I said it was obsolete. It’s no longer obsolete.’ 

The two-day Nato summit will take place tomorrow and on Wednesday at the Grove Hotel in Chandler’s Cross on the outskirts of the Hertfordshire town of Watford. 

The President is set to visit Buckingham Palace for a reception tomorrow, before he joins world leaders at the golf resort near Watford the following day. 

Mr Trump undertook a state visit to the UK between June 3 and 5 this year having visited for the first time as US President back in July 2018.

He remains a divisive figure in British politics and last night Mr Farage defended his ally as the Brexit Party leader took part in a seven-way ITV election debate.

Mr Farage came to Mr Trump’s defence after Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson said that while the special relationship is important she did not believe Mr Trump shared British values. 

Mrs Trump smiles and waves as she leaves the White House today before boarding Marine One. She is traveling with her husband to London

Mr Trump tweeted a video of take-off and referred to the House impeachment report on him which will be unveiled in the US today behind closed doors for key politicians

Mr Trump waves as he boards Air Force One today for a flight to London to attend the summit. He looks stern just before he puts his umbrella down 

Mr Trump waves as he walks towards Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base this morning. He is accompanied by several members of his team

Mr Trump walks to Marine One after speaking with reporters at the White House this morning. He looks slightly downcast despite the journey ahead 

Pointing to previous comments made by the US President about sexually assaulting women, Ms Swinson added: ‘The last thing we should have done is to roll out the red carpet for a state visit.’ 

Donald Trump’s itenary for three-day UK visit

This morning: Mr Trump leaves Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland with wife Melania bound for London

Tonight: Mr Trump is due to land at an airport in London

Tomorrow: Mr Trump will attend a reception at Buckingham Palace with the Queen to welcome Nato leaders

Wednesday: Nato summit takes place at the Grove Hotel, near Watford

But Mr Farage, who interviewed Mr Trump on his LBC radio show at the end of October, said that while some of the US President’s comments were wrong, it was essential to consider the national interest in maintaining links with the US.

He said: ‘It was crass and it was crude and it was wrong – men say dreadful things sometimes.

‘If all of us were called out for what we did on a night out after a drink, none of us would…’

At that point he was interrupted by Ms Swinson who said: ‘Is that what you do on a night out after a drink?’

Mr Farage replied: ‘He is President of the USA and that relationship matters.

‘You are so anti-American you are prepared to put your hatred of Trump above our national interest. That is a great mistake.’

The Jefferson Memorial is visible as Mr Trump leaves the White House on Marine One today as the cold hits Washington 

Nigel Farage, pictured on the ITV election debate last night with the Tories’ Rishi Sunak (left) and Plaid Cymru’s Adam Price (right), said it would be a ‘great mistake’ to demonise Mr Trump 

Mr Farage clashed with Jo Swinson (pictured right) over how the UK should treat Mr Trump during the debate on Sunday night 

Police outside The Grove hotel near Watford in Hertfordshire today ahead of the Nato summit. Traffic cones were also in place 

Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price said Mr Farage was wrong to defend the US President.

He said: ‘It can never be acceptable for a man to talk about grabbing a woman’s p***y. If you think it is you should be ashamed of yourself.’

Meanwhile, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon claimed Boris Johnson was trying to pursue the same ‘strong man’ tactics of the US president.

She said: ‘Donald Trump’s attitudes are wrong and they are dangerous. In Boris Johnson we have got somebody who is trying to be like him.’

But Tory Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rishi Sunak said that the relationship with the US was essential to Britain’s national security and should not be denigrated.

‘The relationship we have with America is incredibly important for keeping us safe,’ he said.

Police outside The Grove hotel today which will host the Nato summit over the next few days. Officers were stationed outside the perimeters of the building 

Police on motorbikes outside The Grove today as preparations are stepped up for the visit. Security will be high for the President’s visit 

A large temporary structure at The Grove hotel in Hertfordshire can be seen today. Some political leaders in the UK have critcised the President’s visit 

Security at The Grove in Hertfordshire today ahead of the Nato leaders’ meeting this week. A festive Christmas tree is also seen at the entrance to the hotel 

A sign warning drivers of delays near The Grove hotel in Hertfordshire is pictured today. The whole area is set to be affected by the visit

Inside Winfield House: How Donald and Melania will stay at London mansion with 12.5 acres of land


Donald and Melania Trump are expected to stay at the lavish mansion of Winfield House – the British residence of the US Ambassador – while visiting London.

The property occupies twelve and a half acres on the north-west side of Regent’s Park and has the second largest private garden in central London, after Buckingham Palace.

It was built by the famous American socialite Barbara Hutton in the 1930s. who was dubbed the ‘poor little rich girl’ because of her troubled life – and lived there for a period with her husband Cary Grant.

Winfield House occupies twelve and a half acres next to Regent’s Park in London and is the British residence of the US ambassador

The 35-room mansion replaced a John Nash building and was named after Hutton’s grandfather Frank Winfield Woolworth, founder of the retail stores. It has been the US Ambassador’s residence in London since 1955.

The house stands behind 15ft-high iron gates on land that was once part of a ‘great forest, with wooded glades and lairs of wild beasts, deer both red and fallow, wild bulls and boars’.

Half a century before the Norman Conquest the land belonged to the Abbey of Barking.

Over the years, King Henry VIII hunted there, Queen Elizabeth I used it for entertaining dignitaries, King James I offered it as collateral to raise money to go to war and King Charles II had the whole area ‘disparked’ and opened to the public.

Winfield House has the second largest private garden in central London, after Buckingham Palace, the garden is pictured above and is immaculate 

Winfield House is unique among American residences because it was originally a gift to the US Government.

It has since been showered with riches in the form of antique furniture, paintings, porcelain, china, glass, chandeliers, objets d’art – all the things that make it the beautiful house visitors see today.

The first to use the house as the ambassadorial residence was Winthrop Aldrich. Ambassador and Mrs Aldrich moved in on January 18, 1955 after a significant restoration had taken place.

When Ambassador Elliot Richardson arrived in 1975 his wife said, ‘the house was absolutely wonderful. . . a joy to move into’ and when Ambassador Anne Armstrong moved in in 1976 she said: ‘I ran through the house like a kid, I’d never seen anything so beautiful. It was like fairyland and in such beautiful shape.’

Not only the Ambassadors, but other generous Americans contributed to the house, among them sugar baron Rionda Braga, who donated a bronze sculpture, ‘The Creation of Adam’ which stands in the garden to the right of the terrace.

Winfield House is unique among American residences because it was originally a gift to the US Government, an aerial shot of the property is seen above 

Mr Braga felt that the statue’s motif, two hands inside a globe, signified British and American friendship.

Ambassador John Louis brought a platform tennis court and while he was at Winfield House – from 1981 to 1983- Cary Grant visited it for the first time after the Second World War and the breakdown of his marriage.

Tears streamed down his face as he looked across the lawns from the Garden Room because of its beauty and thinking about his ex-wife Barbara Hutton.

Today Winfield House continues the tradition of receiving a host of distinguished guests.

Over the years these have included the Queen and other members of the royal family, and many other prominent figures in business, politics, diplomacy, banking, the armed services, education and the arts.

Donald and Melania Trump leave Winfield House during a visit to London in July 2018, Melania looked stunning in a floor length gown

The late Princess Diana once brought Princes William and Harry to see the presidential helicopter Marine One parked on the lawn, as it was today with President Trump.

Visiting US presidents traditionally stay at the residence, watched over by portraits of their predecessors, some of whom served as both President of the United States and U.S. envoys to London.

President George Bush met President Mikhail Gorbachev there during the 1991 G-7 Summit.

President Ronald Reagan was a frequent visitor. More recently, Senator George Mitchell hosted participants in the Northern Ireland Peace Process at Winfield House during his review of the Good Friday agreement in November 1999.

President Barack Obama also stayed there and hosted a reception for the Queen and Prince Philip.

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