Prince Andrew's cousin claims she was abused as a child by a 'murderer' as she releases new Ghislaine Maxwell book

PRINCE Andrew's cousin – who is releasing a book about her past and run-ins with Epstein's alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell – claims SHE was molested as a child.

Christina Oxenberg says her estranged mother, Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, sent her to Downlands College in Sussex, England, where she was abused by a fellow student with an alleged terrifying past.

The Serbian-American writer, who briefly hung out with Maxwell in the 1990s, is releasing her book, Trash: Encounters with Ghislaine Maxwell, after turning down the offer to write her memoir many years ago.

In the bombshell new release, exclusively obtained by The Sun, she claims to relate to Epstein's victims after her time at Downlands College – which she says was "not a place of nurture; it was a place of punishment."

She claims it was an institution for children with learning disabilities, but some students had "severe mental and physical impairments," while others were "extremely dangerous."

"I was diagnosed by the doctor, possibly quite correctly, as having dyslexia," she writes.

"The cure, however, was not this rotting hellhole where children with serious disorders were allowed to inflict physical and mental damage upon one another and themselves.

"But there I was sent, and there I would stay for far too long. It was tolerable until a very bad character showed up my second year and made a punching bag of me."

She claims a fellow pupil, several years older than her, subjected her to months of physical and mental abuse.

She claims he had a penchant for violence, saying she was a "toy" for him and his "favorite target."

"He did awful things to me, he molested me, beat me, punched me in places where the bruises beneath my clothing wouldn't show," she writes. "I learned to deal with it. I had no choice."

Oxenberg, 58, claims she was told the boy stabbed his four-year-old brother to death with a kitchen knife, which he boasted during his time at the school.

She says she believed him when he threatened to kill her if she told anyone about the devastating abuse and he "effortlessly dominated and tormented" his fellow students.

They allegedly turned a blind eye, while he would wait behind doorways and jump out and pounce on her unexpectedly.

"I would never say a word or make a sound as his fist thundered into my collar bone," she writes in her book.

"I kept my feelings buried deep and brought them out at night, in the quiet of my dormitory room, and cried.

"I stopped sleeping around that time, and the school nurse dosed me with copious pills. Nothing really worked, and I never really slept properly again; I still do not."

Downlands College was closed after a report was published in the UK in 1978 calling for the teaching of learning disabled children to be educated in mainstream schools.


Oxenberg claims she was called into a professor's office during her time at the school, who told her: "I want to talk to you about [the boy]."

She believed he was going to be removed from the school, and the beatings and abuse would be over, but was left devastated when she was told: "I know that [he] hits you. I want you to avoid him."

Oxenberg writes in her book: "That was my lifeline? To avoid him? Inside this cage?"

The professor allegedly went on to say: "He is dangerous. The story of him killing his young brother with a kitchen knife is true. Keep away from him, okay? You can go now. Oh, and don't speak of this to  anyone."

Oxenberg begged to move and later bounced between boarding schools, but still had recurring nightmares of being physically dragged up the stairs at Downlands and put back in her dormitory.

She said she would wake up "gripped with terror" and had to shake off the tremors before she could fall back to sleep.

She says she never heard of the professor again until she discovered her mother had invited her to her wedding celebrations a decade later, reading an RSVP note with her number on it.

Oxenberg claims she called her up and screamed at her, describing the moment as a 'white-out' rage,' which she never discussed with her mother after slamming the phone down.


The author claims her abuser later tracked her down through social media, but she told The Sun she has never filed a police report about her past alleged abuse due to alleged death threats from him.

Oxenberg, who has previously spoken about her encounters with Maxwell, writes about their meetings in her new book, including when she called the women she introduced Epstein to as 'trash'.

The pair were acquaintances, and she has called Prince Andrew a "hapless sap" who was "low hanging fruit" for "grifters" Epstein and Maxwell, who allegedly introduced him to their sex slave, Virginia Giuffre Roberts.

Ms Giuffre is suing the royal, 61, for undisclosed damages, claiming she was forced to have sex with him three times when she was 17.

The prince has consistently denied the allegations levelled against him.

"Ghislaine's betrayal of the young girls she hurt on so many levels, and her granite, remorseless defense, triggers me," Oxenberg writes in her book.

"I am brought back to a time when I was 'trash'. My life was endangered. I was used to it. I was tricked.

"I believe I understand how the victims feel; their fear, their paralysis in the face of such abuse, their discovery, at such a vulnerable young age, of how people in authority – grownups, cannot be trusted to keep you from harm.

"Beyond the obvious physicality of [the boy], worse was the mental anguish imposed by the complicity of those entrusted with my wellbeing."

Trash: Encounters with Ghislaine Maxwell by Christina Oxenberg is an ebook exclusive, available on Amazon Kindle.

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