Prince Harry's 'crass joke about woman, 19, he spent night with at 27'

‘Feminist’ Prince Harry is branded ‘disrespectful’ to women: Duke ‘made crass joke about 19-year-old British woman he spent the night with during Swiss ski trip with friends aged 27’

  • A source who was a friend of the prince said his behaviour was ‘disrespectful’
  • Harry allegedly made a lewd joke involving a shot glass and a 19-year-old woman
  • The source claims the woman was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement
  • They added his behaviour in 2011 was ‘at odds’ with his ‘feminist’ status now 

‘Feminist’ Prince Harry was previously ‘disrespectful’ towards women, a source close to the Duke has said, recounting a Swiss skiing trip with the royal in which Harry spent a night with a British woman eight years younger than him.

The former friend of Prince Harry described how he made lewd comments about younger women and allegedly asked the 19-year-old sign a non-disclosure agreement during a wild holiday, the Sun reports.

While on the 2011 Verbier trip with upper-echelon friends including Guy Pally and Tom Inskip, he visited to a branch of Pelly’s nightclub Public in the Swiss Alps.

The source claimed Harry, then 27, made a dirty joke about a shot glass in relation to a young 19-year-old while at the venue, which featured glasses and drinks balanced on skis.

It is not the first time the prince has been linked to young women on skiing trips in the Alps, with previous photos from 2005 showing him in a dressing gown on a hotel balcony with an unidentified woman.

Prince Harry (pictured with friend Tom Inskip on a 2011 skiing trip in Verbier) is alleged to have made a lewd joke about a 19-year-old woman and a shot glass

Prince Harry allegedly asked the 19-year-old to sign a non-disclosure agreement after they spent the night together

They said: ‘It seemed he was accustomed as a fully paid-up member of the Royal Family to getting what he wanted.

‘This appeared to be girls, free drinks and VIP treatment.

‘His behaviour seems at odds with him now moaning about being a prince and how he was ‘caged’ by it on Netflix and in his book — and saying he’s a feminist.’

It was also alleged that Prince Harry disappeared during the night with the teen, who then accompanied him back to his pricey Nevai hotel.

The girl was described as ‘attractive and posh’, and the source claims the prince asked her to sign a non-disclosure agreement to prevent her from speaking about the encounter.

The identity of the woman is unknown, but the Sun on Sunday reports she has appeared in Tatler magazine and is now engaged to be married.

In a separate incident, the source recounted Prince Harry allegedly inviting a young, ‘working-class’ woman, aged around 21, on a shooting weekend at Balmoral.

The Duke of Sussex (centre, skiing in 2011), has admitted he was probably a ‘bigot’ before he met Meghan Markle 

The source said his behaviour on the 2011 trip (pictured) is ‘at odds’ with his current stance on feminism

The young woman ‘didn’t let’ anything romantic happen with the prince, but the source said he later criticised her and was ‘mocking her accent’.

Prince Harry has repeatedly referred to himself as a feminist in recent years and admitted in an interview to promote his book that he was probably a ‘bigot’ before he met his wife Meghan.

The Duke of Sussex, 38, sat down with TV anchor Anderson Cooper for CBS News’ 60 Minutes in a new interview set to be released on Sunday.

‘I went into this incredibly naive,’ Harry told Cooper. ‘I had no idea the British Press were so bigoted. Hell, I was probably bigoted before the relationship with Meghan.’

When asked by Cooper to confirm if he was bigoted before meeting Meghan, Harry responded: ‘I don’t know. Put it this way, I didn’t see what I now see.’ 

In June last year Meghan Markle gushed over Harry’s ‘feminist’ status, saying he had been horrified by the US Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v Wade.

At the time, Meghan described his reaction was ‘gutteral’ and that they talked about it in detail as a couple. 

Prince Harry’s representatives have been contacted for comment. 

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