Prince William hinted of ‘disagreements’ between the Royal Fab Four

Was this the moment Prince William hinted at royal rift? Duke of Cambridge spoke of ‘disagreements’ between he and Kate and Harry and Meghan as the four were interviewed a year ago

  • Interview shows William answer ‘oh yes’ when asked if the ‘Fab Four’ disagree 
  • Harry can be seen admitting that their disagreements come thick and fast 
  • Duke of Cambridge then jokes that they’re not sure their latest row was resolved 

Prince William hinted that he and the Duchess of Cambridge have disagreements with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle before rumours of a rift surfaced.

Suggestions the four Royals weren’t getting on originated with reports that Kate Middleton and the Duchess of Sussex had been arguing. 

In an interview the Duke of Cambridge confirmed that there are disagreements within the group.

Prince William and his brother admitted they have disagreements while they were being interviewed at the Royal Foundation Forum (above)

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (left) and Prince William and Kate Middleton (right) have been rumoured to be rowing since before last year’s Royal wedding 

Journalist Tina Daheley quizzed the so-called Fab Four in February last year during the Royal Foundation Forum charity event.

She asked: ‘Working together as family, do you ever have disagreements about things?’

Kate Middleton (far right) and Meghan Markle (second right), pictured with their husbands at Westminster Abbey for an Armistice service, reportedly had a row before the royal wedding

Prince William responds first, saying ‘oh yes’, with his brother quickly adding that they are ‘healthy disagreements’. 

But then the Duke of Sussex admits that ‘they come so thick and fast’ that it’s difficult to pinpoint how they resolved their last row. His brother then says: ‘Is it resolved? We don’t know.’

Harry steered the topic back towards the serious message, adding: ‘I think it’s really good we have got four different personalities and we all have that same passion to make a difference.

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‘We have different opinions and they work really well [together]. Working as family does have its challenges; of course it does. 

‘[I think] the fact that everybody is laughing shows they know ‘exactly’ what’s it like. But we are stuck together for the rest of our lives.’ Meghan added: ‘Togetherness at it’s finest.’

But Ms Daheley summed it up when she said: ‘Well you’re putting on a great show if [your last argument] is not resolved!’

There has been a series of claims of a rift between Meghan (pictured left on the carriage procession after her wedding in May last year) and Kate (pictured right in the chapel) 

In December it was claimed that Kate had a furious row with Meghan Markle after the former actress ‘b*****ed’ a member of her staff.

The Duchess of Cambridge allegedly told Meghan it was ‘unacceptable’ to target her aides before May’s royal wedding in Windsor.

The Sun reported that Kate told Prince Harry’s then-fiancee: ‘They’re my staff and I speak to them.

Kate is also claimed to have been left crying in a stressful dress fitting in the lead-up to the wedding in May last year.

In addition sources have also told the Mirror that insiders are concerned about Meghan’s ‘authoritative’ and ‘abrupt’ style.

It comes after claims from royal sources that Meghan clashed with Buckingham Palace over the smell at St George’s Chapel, where she married Prince Harry.

Insiders claimed that Meghan wanted air fresheners to be used in the 15th-century chapel but was told it was not appropriate.

The Palace is said to have told her that the chapel was a regular place of worship for the Queen and that it would be good enough for Meghan.

News then emerged that Meghan and Harry was to move away from Kensington Palace to make their home 25 miles away from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Windsor. 

Royal insiders have insisted that there has been no falling out between the Cambridges and the Sussexes, but admitted the pair are ‘very different people’. 

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