Rapper convicted of killing Holby City star’s daughter launches appeal

Rapper who killed Holby City star’s daughter by giving her party drug at music festival launches appeal against manslaughter and drugs convictions

  • Ceon Broughton has launched an appeal against manslaughter and supplying class A drugs convictions after the death of Louella Fletcher-Michie at Bestival
  • Broughton, of Enfield, north London, was jailed for eight and a half years
  • His lawyers today confirmed they will be appealing both of his convictions 

Ceon Broughton arrives at Winchester Crown Court on February 28. He was jailed for more than eight years for manslaughter and supplying Class A drugs

The rapper who gave Holby City actor John Michie’s daughter a ‘bumped up’ dose of party drug 2C-P and filmed her as she died today launched an appeal against his manslaughter conviction.

Ceon Broughton gave Louella Fletcher-Michie, 24, the powdered class A substance while at Bestival music festival, with the pair leaving the official grounds and going off into woodland together.

As tragic Louella suffered a horrifying reaction to the drug, hitting herself, screaming like a ‘wild animal’ and even trying to eat thorns, Broughton, 30, laughed and filmed her suffering.

During the trial, his barrister Stephen Kamlish QC argued that jurors could not be certain Louella could have been saved or that Broughton had even supplied the drug.

The grime star was jailed for eight and a half years.

Mr Kamlish today confirmed they will be appealing his convictions for manslaughter and supplying class A drugs.

He said a file is now being prepared for a judge to look at and rule whether it should go before the Court of Appeal. 

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As he was sentenced last week, Broughton, who refused to give evidence during the trial, finally apologised to his girlfriend’s family, through Mr Kamlish.

He said: ‘I am sorry I did not do more to save Louella. Sorry for the suffering I have caused to everyone who loved her and I want to make things right.’

During a four week trial at Winchester Crown Court, Hants, jurors heard Broughton failed to seek help for his girlfriend, despite her father Mr Michie, 62, and mother Carol, 68, pleading with him to do so.

Tragically, despite her parents making the 130-mile dash from their north London home to Bestival, at Lulworth Castle, Dorset, on September 10, 2017, Louella could not be saved.

Louella’s body was discovered by security guard Craig Welsh an hour into what would have been her 25th birthday. 

Ceon Broughton (left), 30, had been on trial at Winchester Crown Court accused of being responsible for the death of his girlfriend Miss Fletcher-Michie (right)

Louella Fletcher-Michie, the daughter of Holby City actor John Michie died hours short of her 25th birthday after taking drugs

In the hours leading up to her death, after giving her the 2-CP at Bestival, the musician filmed his girlfriend when she was hallucinating before recording images of her corpse on his phone, jurors were told in court.

She initially had a 90 per cent chance of recovery. But jurors were told that instead of phoning 999, Broughton stayed in a secluded wooded area at Bestival.

Her family listened in shock as prosecutors told how he documented her decline and mental distress in a disturbing series of videos and photos which lasted hours.

Louella even called her parents and made ‘wild’ noises which prompted them to drive to the festival and seek help. However, security was initially unable to find them. 

Broughton avoided going for help because ‘didn’t want to be arrested’ because while on a suspended sentence, the court was told.

Miss Fletcher-Michie’s father John Michie said outside Winchester Crown Court: ‘Regardless of the outcome of this harrowing trial, there are never going to be any winners’

His girlfriend was dead by the time he eventually emerged from the trees and alerted festival staff to her condition.

Mobile phone footage showed the couple playing around with some fairy lights inside a tent at the festival before she became ill.

A voice is heard to say ‘Festival fairy Louella’ followed by Miss Fletcher-Michie, smiling, saying ‘Pixie love’ while a third person held the camera-phone.

Separate images show Miss Fletcher-Michie walking with Broughton, captured by CCTV, at the festival two years ago.

Former Taggart and Coronation Street star Mr Michie said every night he has the ‘trauma’ of seeing images in his head of his daughter suffering.

Fighting back tears, he said: ‘I wake every morning to face life starting again without Louella, our daughter, our sister, our friend. Our family now broken.

‘It makes no sense, our beautiful Louella should still be with us on any measure of humanity.

‘There will be no more yoga, no more running round the outside of Arsenal’s stadium, no more family fun and life. Our lives have forever been diminished.

‘She was wise beyond her years and trusting – perhaps too trusting.

‘I go to bed each night with the trauma of the image of her crying out to her father and mother, sister and brother to help her, but there was only one person who could help.

‘Losing her has made me want to move away from our home, to stop having to pass her room, due to the gut wrenching pain which those who have lost a child or loved one will understand.’

After sentencing he said they all got a life sentence. 

Speaking outside court, an emotional Mr Michie said: ‘Regardless of the outcome of this harrowing trial, there are never going to be any winners.

‘Our life sentence began on what would have been Louella’s 25th birthday. Ceon’s life sentence is knowing he did not help Louella to live.’

Broughton, of Enfield, north London, was convicted of Louella’s manslaughter and supplying class A drugs.

The rapper, who has worked with stars including Skepta and Wiley, admitted two further counts of supplying 2C-P to Louella and a friend at Glastonbury festival earlier in 2017.    

2-CP: The drug said to have the hallucinogenic properties of LSD with the stimulant effects of ecstasy

2-CP is said to have the hallucinogenic properties of LSD combined with the stimulant effects of ecstasy.

But users have reported that its effects can be intense and uncontrollable.

Broughton’s barrister Stephen Kamlish QC quoted a report on 2-CP in which one user described taking it as ‘physically and psychologically draining’.

But Mr Kamlish told the jury that ‘no-one has ever been known to die from taking this drug (2-CP) or taking an overdose’.

After taking the drug, Miss Fletcher-Michie became disturbed, agitated and seriously ill, groaning, scratching her flesh and attempting to eat thorns. 

Professor Charles Deakin, a consultant in cardiac anaesthesia and intensive care, said the footage showed she was ‘not aware of her surroundings’ and became ‘seriously unwell and in need of urgent medical care’.

Prof Deakin said sedative drugs, breathing support and monitoring of blood pressure could have been used to treat Miss Fletcher-Michie at the scene.

But Broughton, who later admitted to her brother Sam that he had ‘bumped up’ the dose, did nothing to help her and she was found dead by a steward in woodland just 400 yards from the hospital tent.

The trial heard that Broughton supplied the drug to her after her own ‘pills’ had been confiscated by Bestival stewards.

The Talk To Frank drugs awareness website states that the 2C family of drugs can make you ‘energised and alert, extra aware of colours, sounds and smells and very sensitive to touch and sexually aroused’.

But it warns: ‘The more you take, the more intense and uncontrollable the experience will be.’ 


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