Ravenous rabbit gets a bit too excited when it sees treats on a table

Ravenous rabbit gets a bit too excited when it sees treats on a table and sends the food – and herself – flying

  • Clip, filmed in Richmond, Virgina, captures rabbit try to reach treats on table
  • Delilah the rabbit leaps onto the worktop but struggles to get hold of treats
  • She comically falls back down to the floor taking the plate of treats with her  

This is the adorable moment a ravenous rabbit couldn’t help but display her excitement upon seeing treats on the kitchen table.

In the video, filmed in Richmond, Virginia, Delilah the rabbit peers over the kitchen worktop and spots the pink mouth-watering treats laid out in front of her.

The excited bunny leaps onto the table to get a taste of the eye-catching treats but despite her best efforts all does not go quite to plan.

This is the amusing moment a rabbit from Richmond, Virginia, falls from a kitchen worktop and sends treats flying after trying to get hold of the pink treats placed out in front of her

The ravenous rabbit, called Delilah, spots the treats on the kitchen table and attempts to get hold of them

She leaps onto the polished surface and almost reaches the eye-catching sweets before she loses her footing

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As the white rabbit pounces onto the kitchen worktop she loses her footing and struggles to grab onto the polished surface.   

The rabbit then grabs onto the plate in a desperate attempt to stay on the worktop but her efforts are futile.

As she loses her footing the bunny tries to hold onto the plate that the treats are sat in but her efforts are futile

The rabbit falls to the ground within seconds and sends the treats flying in all directions

Amid her struggles the pink treats fly across the worktop and fall onto the floor.

Within seconds of leaping onto the kitchen table the rabbit falls to the ground in a mad frenzy and sends the treats flying in all directions. 

As the rabbit falls to the ground laughter erupts in the background and someone is heard saying: ‘Oh my god.’ 



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