Residents say Cole Harbour intersection needs improvement after crash closes area for 2 hours

An early morning crash has local residents questioning the safety of Cole Harbour’s main intersection.

The intersection of Forest Hill Parkway and Cole Harbour Road was closed for two hours on Monday morning, causing delays and detours for commuters making their way to work.

The two-vehicle collision left one car rolled on its side and pinned under a fallen traffic light. This is just one of many accidents that have occurred at this particular intersection, and it has community members concerned about the problem area.

RCMP and emergency personnel were on site managing traffic and cleaning debris from the two-vehicle crash and the damaged traffic light.

Alison O’Brien, a resident of the area who also works near the intersection, says that these accidents are becoming more and more frequent.

“Forest Hill on to Cole Harbour Road is a big issue because people coming from Cumberland are not staying in the outside lane. They are coming into the inside and then people that are coming from the merge are not watching what other people are doing, they are just coming into that lane and not actually yielding to oncoming traffic,” explained O’Brien.

RCMP say that one vehicle was travelling down Cole Harbour Road and preparing to turn onto Forest Hill Parkway when it was hit by another car, forced into a traffic light and flipped on its side.

There were no serious injuries reported, but residents say that the merge lanes can be confusing for people new to the area.

“When you’re turning to go up Portland Street, where you’re turning in there is a lane that you’re just supposed to go up straight and then people are turning and cutting you off,” said Kayla Albright, a hair stylist who works near the intersection and grew up in the community.

“I think they should have a yield sign when you’re turning right coming from the other direction because it would make people be careful and watch for what’s going on because people don’t know which lane you’re supposed to be in or where you’re supposed to go.”

This intersection is a known problem area, and Lorelei Nicoll, councillor for Cole Harbour-Westphal, says that the intersection is being reviewed and has been added to the Forest Hills Parkway-Cumberland Drive Concept Plan.

Depending on resources, that could mean nothing would be underway for at least another two years.

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