Revellers take to the streets of Wigan for Boxing Night tradition

Praying for salvation in Wigan! Hordes of revellers dressed as monks, nuns and sexy Where’s Wallys hit the streets in a bizarre Boxing Night tradition

  • Revellers took to the streets of Wigan, Greater Manchester, to take part in traditional Boxing Day night out
  • Some were photographed dressed as The Pink Ladies from Grease while another was dressed as The Riddler
  • In other scenes one reveller, dressed as villain Jigsaw from the movie SAW, rode his tricycle down the street

Scores of festive revellers descended upon the streets of Manchester to enjoy a night of heavy partying during the annual Boxing Day fancy dress parade in the town. 

In a bid to continue the festive celebrations, hundreds of alcohol-fuelled party-goers donned their best Christmas fancy dress outfits as they hit the bars and clubs of Wigan.

Swapping a night in at home to brave the cold temperatures, the young revellers hit the city streets to enjoy the next installment of the festivities.

The bizarre tradition in the Lancashire town saw an array of eccentric looking characters from the terrifying Jigsaw from the Saw movies to three sombre looking red-cloaked handmaids inspired by the American drama The Handmaid’s Tale.  

In another scene a young reveller was spotted striking a pose dressed as American actress Marilyn Monroe while another was seen dressed as the Riddler from Batman alongside two side-kicks dressed as prisoners from Guantanamo bay.

Crowds of party-goers dressed in fancy dress were also spotted queuing up to enter a number of bars and clubs in the town centre in celebration of the bizarre tradition.

These two ladies were attending the traditional Wigan Boxing Night fancy dress party in leopard skin outfits

These two ladies decided to wear an outfit from I’m A Celebrity Get Me out of Here… but hopefully avoid any nasty bugs 

They may be in short supply for Brexiteers, but these two ladies tried to prove that unicorns do exist in Wigan 

One party-goer was spotted dressed as a police woman while another donned a Barbie doll costume as they hit the streets og Wigan

In other scenes, two revellers were spotted wearing SWAT costumes and holding toy guns as they celebrated Boxing Day in fancy dress 

Some revellers were seen wearing the wildcat cheering outfit from the hit film High School Musical as others donned a crucifix around their neck

These two party-goers donned circular glasses and red and white stripes as they hit the town dressed as Wally from the popular children’s book Where’s Wally?

Festive revellers dressed as French mime’s braved the winter weather to hit the streets of Wigan in Greater Manchester to take part in the Boxing Day fancy dress tradition

One sinister scene saw a party-goer, dressed as the villain Jigsaw from the Saw movies, ride a tricycle down the town centre

Swapping a night in at home to brave the cold night, one woman was spotted in a Marilyn Monroe costume while another cheerful woman was dressed as a penguin


Refusing to let the cold dampen their spirits some revellers were spotted wearing colourful cheerleading outfits as they hit the town’s night scene

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Scenes outside the Jaks nightclub in Wigan showed crowds of revellers. one dressed as superman, queuing up to show off their moves on the dance floor

In another scene, one man was spotted dressed as the Riddler from Batman, while his two side-kicks donned guantanamo bay prisoner gear

These young women dressed as characters from the children’s novel Alice in Wonderland as they hit the town centre in Wigan for a night of festive partying

Three revellers were spotted dressed from head to toe in red cloaks and white caps in reference to the characters from the drama The Handmaids Tale

Revellers dressed in fancy dress to enjoy a night of festive joy and continue the Lancashire town’s bizarre tradition

Heading for a night in the Lancashire town, some struck a cat pose as they hit the town centre for Boxing Day celebrations

Some hit the town dressed in bright orange guantanamo bay outfits as they celebrated the long lived and bizarre tradition on dressing up in fancy dress on Boxing Day 

Unleashing their inner ‘grease lightning’ some young revellers hit a pose on the town centre’s streets while dressed as The Pink Ladies from Grease

Some Boxing Day revellers crossed the road dressed as the iconic characters Mario Kart and Luigi

Cruella de vil struck a pose with another reveller dressed as Mystique from the X-Men as they enjoyed a night out on Boxing Day

Two young party-goers donned sombrero hats and ponchos as they hit the streets to show their festive fancy dress outfits

Another two revellers, one dressed as England manager Gareth Southgate and other dressed as Kim Carrey from The Mask, showed their flair for fashion as they hit the streets for Wigan’s annual fancy dress tradition 

Dressed as the characters from the musical Grease these revellers channeled the late 70s as they hit the streets for a night of partying

A paramedic inside an ambulance gave members of the public a thumbs up as he and a colleague drove through the town centre

Dressed for comfort, these young revellers hit the town wearing their dressing gowns and pyjamas, as they took part in the long-lived bizarre tradition

Three young revellers dressed looked up to the skies as they wore traditional monk gowns and posed for a photo on a night out in Wigan


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