Ron Jeremy was going senile in final trip with Dennis Hof convicted madam Heidi Fleiss thinks as she stands by ‘rapist’ | The Sun

PORN star Ron Jeremy was already showing signs of dementia years before he was declared incompetent to stand trial on sex abuse charges, his pal Heidi Fleiss has revealed.

Last week The U.S. Sun reported that Jeremy, 69, believes he is shooting sex scenes with naughty nurses at the psychiatric hospital where he’s being held.

It came after a judge in Los Angeles ruled that he is mentally unfit to face dozens of rape and sex assault counts.

A source told how Jeremy – real name Ronald Hyatt – alternates between a catatonic state and thinking he is on a porno shoot at Patton State Hospital in San Bernardino, California.

When he is lucid, he has been known to call out for his late pimp friend Dennis Hof and Hollywood Madam Fleiss, the source said.

Speaking exclusively to The U.S. Sun, Fleiss explained that she had already noticed something was not right with Jeremy the same day Bunny Ranch brothel owner Hof died in October 2018, aged 72.

Fleiss, 57, said: “Dennis Hof and Johnny Buss, the owner of the Lakers, would celebrate their birthday together on the same day with a blowout at the Bunny Ranch.

“My party days are long gone, so I waited until the party was over and caught a 7am flight and went to Dennis’s house to surprise him.

“We were hanging out, this was in the morning, and Dennis said to me, ‘Heidi, have you seen Ron? I’m so worried about him, it looks like he’s going to drop dead. He’s like a 100-year-old man, he’s so out of it.’

“I said I hadn’t seen him lately, but we went over to the Bunny Ranch and there was a bunch of people there, including Ron.

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“The three of us then drove down to Pahrump, where I live, because Dennis had to go to a political rally there because he was a candidate for the Nevada Assembly.

“It was a six-hour drive, the three of us together, and we were having a lot of fun, and then Dennis drops dead. It was so bizarre.

“But I did notice that Ron was walking slow, talking slow, and there were definitely signs of deterioration.

“Ron overheard me tell someone that, and he said, ‘Heidi, don’t you remember when those rich Persians in the Ferrari hit me in Beverly Hills? That’s why I’m walking slow.’

“But it wasn’t, his cognitive skills were declining.”

Nicknamed “the Hedgehog,” Jeremy pleaded not guilty to 34 counts of sex assault, including 12 counts of rape, in August 2021.

He was not in court on Tuesday last week for the hearing where he was declared unfit to stand trial.

Another hearing on whether to keep him in the state hospital will be held next month.

Prosecutors have asked that he be periodically reevaluated.

Fleiss, who ran an upscale Tinseltown prostitution ring prior to her arrest in 1993, said that Ron’s decline was again apparent when she spoke with him on the phone a year after Hof died.

It came as she called to ask if he wanted to go for lunch with her and late Hustler tycoon Larry Flynt.

She said: “I’ll give you an idea of how his cognitive skills were going.

“I called him one day about Larry Flynt and he was like, ‘You’re in my lobby?’

“I had to explain that it was about having lunch with Larry Flynt, and he was like, ‘Who is this again? You’re in my lobby?’

“He had dementia, it was really shocking.”

Fleiss – whose black book of famous clients during her heyday included the likes of actor Charlie Sheen – was arrested in a police sting in June 1993.

She was convicted on pandering charges and sentenced to three years in prison, but the conviction was quashed in 1996 due to juror misconduct.

She was separately convicted on federal tax evasion and money laundering charges and sentenced to seven years in jail.

Fleiss served 20 months at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California, before being released to a halfway house in November 1998.

These days she runs a sanctuary for macaws and lives with more than 40 of the exotic birds in Pahrump, Nevada.

Fleiss explained that her friendship with Jeremy goes all the way back to just after she was arrested in 1993.

She said: “He stopped by my store in Santa Monica and wanted me to do a rap video with him.

“I said, ‘I don’t think my judge will like this.’

“Then we both promoted some female and male Viagra together.

“We went to Canada together and I’m not kidding, the pilots and everyone on the plane bowed down to Ron.

“Everywhere we went, he was treated like royalty.”

Despite the extremely serious charges brought against Jeremy for allegedly attacking 21 women, Fleiss maintains he is innocent.

She said: “He’s a good guy, he’s not some rapist, molester, or predator.

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“In a way, I’m glad he has dementia and doesn’t have to accept the reality of this unfair thing that’s happened to him.

“I’m so glad to hear that in his mind, he thinks he’s back on set and he’s not absorbing what they’ve done to him.”

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