Sailboat stranded in Cadboro Bay by B.C. windstorm a danger and eyesore, residents say

A very large reminder of December’s windstorm is becoming an eyesore and a danger for some Vancouver Island residents.

A ferrocement-hulled sailboat washed up on shore in the community of Cadboro Bay on the morning of December 21, and so far it has been impervious to all efforts to move it.

“It was determined they couldn’t lift it off the beach with a crane,” Eric Dahli with the Cadboro Bay Residents Association said.

Two boats have also tried to pull it off the beach, but were only able to turn it around so it wouldn’t incur any more damage. Since washing up on shore, the boat has been vandalized and looted.

“If I was the owner, I would be incredibly upset,” Dahli said.

The owner has come forward and is working to have the boat removed. The current plan — patch the damage in the hull and have a tugboat tow it off the beach.

Saanich Coun. Judy Brownoff said the concern now is when that will happen.

“There’s no timeframe, so I don’t know exactly what that means,” she said. “How long can some of these things stay on the beach. How long do we wait?”

According to the Canadian Coast Guard, the boat is one of 75 vessels and structures reported as drifting, sunk, or beached following the storm.

“Vessels continue to be reported and the Coast Guard is working with owners and partners to secure vessels and structures that pose a threat to the environment, such as leaking hydrocarbons. This work is being carried out on a priority basis,” the Coast Guard said.

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