School worker throws dog off third-floor balcony in front of student

Dorm caretaker throws a dog from a third-floor balcony in front of horrified students at a Chinese school

  • Footage shows the worker tossing the dog down the balcony in Ningbo, China
  • The pooch was found dead in the shrub by an animal rights group hours later
  • The group labelled the caretaker ‘extreme and evil’ as it looked for witnesses
  • Police are investigating the case, but the motives of the man remain unclear 

A caretaker of a school dorm has been detained after being caught on camera throwing a dog from a balcony in front of students.

The dog was found dead in the shrub underneath the dorm building when animal activists arrived around three hours later.

The animal plunged to its death after falling four storeys in the school in Ningbo, eastern China, according to activists who discovered its corpse. 

Footage released by a Chinese animal welfare group shows a worker at a technical school in Ningbo tossing a dog down a balcony of a dormitory. Police are investigating the case

The incident took place at the Ningbo Transport Technical School last night, a local animal welfare group ‘Liu Lang De Wo Men’ claimed on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter.

Footage released by the organisation shows a man holding a white dog in one hand and a walking stick in the other. 

Without warning, the worker is seen chucking the animal off the balcony.

The clip then shows a male student running up to the railing to check on the dog as it gives out desperate whines while falling. 

The animal group also released clips of them looking for the dog and eventually discovering its corpse in the shrub. 

It has called witnesses of the incident to step out to assist investigation. 

Workers at the animal group found the dog’s body (left) in the shrub underneath the building (right) about three hours later. The organisation has arranged a cremation for the animal

The dog was found dead in the shrub (pictured) when animal activists arrived three hours later

A spokesperson of the group said the dog’s body was already stiff when they found it, adding that they have arranged a cremation for the animal.

It remains unclear what prompted the school worker to take such drastic measures, but his behaviour ‘is extreme and evil’, said the spokesperson.

It’s understood that police have detained the worker for questioning.  

There is currently no law to protect animal welfare or prevent cruelty towards animals in China.

Both students and school workers have been caught abusing or even killing small animals on campus in the past.

In a similar incident in 2015, a caretaker at technical school in eastern China’s Suzhou threw a stray dog, which had been adopted by students, from a fourth-floor balcony of a dorm building. 

He accused the student of breaking the school’s rules to keep the pet.

In May last year, two students from Xuzhou, also in eastern China, violently beat a litter of puppies, poured gasoline over them before burning them alive.

One of the pupils claimed he had been bitten by the puppies’ mother, therefore he decided to torture the mother dog as well her puppies as revenge, according to reports.  

No law prevents people from abusing animals in China

Chinese activists have been urging for a law to protect the welfare of animals for years

While China has laws to safeguard land-based and aquatic wildlife, it currently lacks legislation to protect animal welfare or to prevent cruelty towards animals.

In September 2009, animal rights activists and legal experts began circulating a draft Law on the Protection of Animals and in 2010, a draft Law on the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for the State Council’s consideration, according to Human Rights in China, a Chinese non-governmental organisation based in New York.

The draft proposes a fine of up to 6,000 yuan (£693) and two weeks’ detention for those found guilty of animal cruelty, according to China Daily. However till this day, no progress has been made.

While the country’s first ever legislation protecting animal welfare has yet to be adopted, the increasing cases of animal abandonment and serious cruelty towards animals such as killing of dogs and burning of cats have led to serious resentment within society. 

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