Seagulls at London traffic camera leave Twitter in stitches

Birds’ eye view! Seagulls ‘Graeme’ and ‘Steve’ leave Twitter in stitches thanks to their live appearances on London traffic camera near Blackwall Tunnel

  • Birds filmed over past two days walking around in front of the camera in London
  • Camera is located at a junction on approach to the Blackwall Tunnel in Poplar
  • Transport for London bosses say seagulls have been ‘helping out at beak times’

Two inquisitive seagulls have become an internet sensation after repeatedly landing on top of a traffic camera in London.

The birds have been filmed over the past two days walking around in front of the camera at a junction on the approach to the Blackwall Tunnel in Poplar, East London.

Transport bosses told how the seagulls have been nicknamed ‘Graeme’ and ‘Steve’, with a series of tweets having left Twitter users laughing.

The seagulls have been nicknamed ‘Graeme’ and ‘Steve’ after their traffic camera appearances

The seagulls were first spotted at the camera by the East London junction yesterday afternoon

The seagulls have made multiple appearances at the junction in Poplar over the past two days

Among the many responses, one said the seagull ‘looks like a full on gangster’, while a second tweeted that it was ‘trying to stop all the big brothers watching everyone’.

A further Twitter user warned drivers to ‘beak careful out there – don’t just wing it’, while one told them to ‘hide your fish and chips’ and another one joked: ‘Fowl traffic.’

The birds were first spotted on the Transport for London camera at 2.46pm yesterday, before again being seen at 5.58am, 1.11pm and 2.47pm today.

Three Twitter posts featuring the seagulls on the A102 Brunswick Road junction have racked up 3,000 retweets and more than 10,000 likes in just over 24 hours. 

A Transport for London spokesman told MailOnline: ‘Our cameras usually give us a bird’s eye view of traffic across London, but we’d like to thank our new colleagues Graeme and Steve for helping out at beak times.’ 

Seagulls have previously photobombed traffic cameras in Glasgow – once on the M8 near the airport in April 2014, and again in the centre earlier this month on April 12. 

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