Selfless paramedic, 34, wakes up after 28 days in coronavirus ventilator coma

A paramedic has woken up after spending 28 days in a coma that was reportedly caused by coronavirus.

Christell Cadet, a 34-year-old New York Fire Department paramedic, awoke on Sunday from the month-long coma, according to the EMS union representing her.

She is believed to have contracted Covid-19 while battling the outbreak in the country’s coronavirus epicenter, New York, which has seen more than 25,000 people die from the outbreak and at least 330,000 test positive for the virus.

‘She spent 28 days on life support and she is OFF LIFE SUPPORT and breathing on her own,’ fellow FDNY paramedic Sherry Singleton wrote on a GoFundMe page to help pay for Cadet’s medical expenses.

Singleton went on to say that Cadet is ‘awake, talking and recovering at home.’

‘Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and your generosity. Her rehabilitation and journey to 100% recovery begins,’ Singleton continued to say on the page, which has so far raised $18,600 of its $100,000 goal.

On the page, Singleton said she also spent two days in the hospital with viral pneumonia and a partially deflated lung from Covid-19.

But even from her hospital bed, before she fell into the coma, Cadet was still thinking about her coworkers battling the virus and sent them a text that read: ‘Take care of yourselves first. Make sure you go home whole at the end of the day.’

‘I don’t think she knew how grave her situation was, but even in the state she was in, she was being altruistic,’ Singleton said.

‘She was giving us permission to care for ourselves.’

In an interview with CNN in March after she tested positive for the virus, Cadet said, ‘I did not think it was going to get me this bad. My asthma is really under control otherwise.’

After Cadet, who has asthma, was taken to the hospital, her mother Jessie reportedly began pressing for first responders to receive better protection from the virus.

‘She had to be at work and that was unfortunate for her,’ her mother said.

‘That day she went to work and the next day she didn’t make it.’

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