Sex attacks up a fifth in some parts of Britain as towns and cities suffer thousands more rapes and assault

SEX attacks have soared by a staggering 22 per cent in some parts of the country, a Sun investigation reveals today.

Our probe found cops in many towns and cities dealt with thousands more rape and serious sexual-assualt cases last year than in 2019.

The surge comes as the Home Secretary and our nation’s most senior police officers face mounting pressure to make Britain’s streets safer after Sarah Everard’s murder earlier this month. 

But in the wake of the death of the 33-year-old marketing executive, whose remains were found in Kent woodlands on March 12, newly obtained data shows rising numbers of sex beasts are launching attacks right across the country.

The worst increase has been seen in Derbyshire, in the East Midlands, where the number of sex-assaults recorded by police grew from 2249 in 2018/19 to 2757 last year. 

That’s an increase of 22 per cent – the highest rise recorded by cops anywhere in England and Wales. 


Three months ago rapist Muhammed Jan, 24, was jailed after carrying out a string of depraved attacks on four women in Derby. 

And just last week Sudesh Kumar, 41, was caged for eight years after being convicted of raping a young woman while taking her home from a party in the city. 

Other parts of the UK have also seen a similar disturbing rise in attacks.

Police in Essex recorded an 18 per cent rise last year after offences grew from 4,274 to 5,071. 

In July, a judge in the county ruled one prolific offender may never be released as he was such a danger to women.

Rory Griffin had been out of jail just 13 days – having served a five-year sentence for raping and indecently assaulting a teenager – when he preyed on his next victim.

The 23-year-old attacked a 50-year-old married woman who was sitting on a park-bench in Basildon, Essex.

As he was attacking her, evil Griffin whispered into her ear: “You’re not my first – I’ve done this to another young girl and I did it all night long.”

Meanwhile officers in Warwickshire saw sex-assaults grow by 17 per cent.

There were also large rises in Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Gloucester, Cleveland, Cheshire, South Yorkshire, Sussex and the Thames Valley. 

According to the data released by the Office For National Statistics total  recorded sex offences fell slightly from 164,054 to 162,838 between 2018/19 to 19/20.

But the East of England recorded a rise of 8% after sex crimes grew from 15,466 to 16,711. While in the East Midlands cases grew 7% from 12,847 to 13,760.

The ONS also said that for the year ending March 2020, 773,000 adults aged 16 to 74 were victims of sexual assault, including attempts.

These statistics are extremely concerning and should offer a sharp wake-up call to the government

There were almost four times as many female victims at 618,000, compared to 155,000 men.

But fewer than one in six female victims of sexual assault in England and Wales reported it to the police.

In the year to March 2020, 207 women were killed in Great Britain. 

More than nine out of 10 killers were men.

About 57% of female victims were killed by someone they knew, most commonly a partner or ex-partner. 

Yesterday charities warned Britain’s streets were becoming an increasingly dangerous place for women to walk alone.

Lisa King, director of communications and external relations at Refuge, said: “These statistics are extremely concerning and should offer a sharp wake-up call to the government. The time for change is now.”

Diana Fawcett, chief executive of the charity Victim Support, added: "Sexual offences have a devastating and long-lasting impact on people's lives and it is vital that victims who come forward are treated with respect and given high-quality support every step of the way through the criminal justice system, from speaking to the police to giving evidence in court, in order to help them rebuild their lives.

"Sadly, for many women, this is not often the experience they have.”

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