Shock graph reveals Covid hospital cases 3 times higher than normal winter flu

A SHOCKING new graph reveals Covid hospital cases are three times higher than normal winter flu admissions.

While sceptics often claim Covid is “no worse than flu”, staggering figures reveal just how bad the virus is in comparison to annual bouts of the common flu. 

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A new graph mapping how many patients were admitted annually to intensive care with the flu shows numbers peaked at approximately six flu patients in ICU per million people between 2013 and 2019. 

But compare these numbers to Covid hospital admissions over 2020 and 2021 and the true difference between the two illnesses become apparent. 

As hospitals across Britain buckle under the strain of the virus, there currently around 17 Covid patients fighting for their lives in ICU per million Brits.

That’s almost a third higher than peaks of flu hospital admissions in previous years. 

The shocking insight into Covid numbers comes as NHS staff up and down the UK are becoming overwhelmed with mounting hospitalisations. 

Hospitals are now treating 50 per cent more Covid patients than at the peak of the first wave in April, NHS chief Sir Simon Stevens warned tonight. 

Speaking at tonight’s press conference, Sir Simon warned the number of Covid inpatients are "accelerating very, very rapidly", adding the pressures on the NHS are "real and growing".

Sir Simon told the press conference: “We’ve seen an increase of 10,000 hospitalised coronavirus patients just since Christmas Day."

This figure is the equivalent of 20 acute hospitals, he said.

“That is of course all happening at what is traditionally the busiest time of year for hospitals and the wider NHS.

“The pressures are real and they are growing, and that is why … it is vital that we do all take the steps necessary to control the growth of infection.”

On the darkest day for UK hospitals in April, there were 21,684 coronavirus patients.

There were 30,370 Covid-19 patients in hospitals across the UK on January 5, according to the Government dashboard.

And there has been a 37 per cent jump in Covid hospitalisations in the last seven days alone.

In London, Sir Simon said more than 800 patients a day are being admitted to hospitals.

“That is the equivalent of a new St Thomas’ hospital full of Covid patients, fully staffed, every day, or a new University College Hospital, full of coronavirus patients every day,” he said.

The capital’s hospitals are reportedly days away from being overwhelmed by Covid in the best-case scenario. 

In other parts of England, Sussex, Buckinghamshire and Essex have all declared “major incidents” as hospitals were overwhelmed with influxes of new Covid patients. 

And Greater Manchester's health chief warned this week that the region's hospitals are at risk of "falling over" in the next three weeks due to an "unprecedented" jump in Covid cases.

The news comes as deaths topped 1,000 for the second day in a row and cases jumped by 52,618. 

As a mutant strain spreads across the country, 1,162 more deaths have been confirmed.

The highest death toll recorded in the Government's official figures was 1,224 deaths on April 21. 

But media outlets reported the deadliest ever day was April 8 when 1,445 sadly died after deaths hit 1,000 for 22 days in a row.

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