Shocking a moment a Tesla speeding at 128mph crashes into a Lyft SUV

Tesla speeding at 128mph in a 45mph zone runs a red light then smashes into an SUV, nearly cutting it in HALF and leaving three people seriously injured

  • Shocking police video footage shows the moment a Tesla driving at 128mph crashes into a Lyft SUV and nearly cuts it in two
  • Incident took place on October 21, 2018 just after 1am in Miami Beach, Florida
  • Jose Soto, 38, was driving the Tesla and ran the red light, leading to the crash
  • His lawyer says it was an accident because Soto hadn’t been drinking or consuming any controlled substances
  • He’s charged with three counts of reckless driving causing serious bodily injury
  • He crashed into Basil Holness Jr who was driving for Lyft and had two passengers in the car 
  • All suffered traumatic injuries and Holness was hospitalized for four weeks  
  • The crash impact was so strong, Holness has no memory of it  

This is the shocking moment a Tesla zooming at 128mph in Florida runs a red light and violently crashes into an SUV, nearly slicing it in half.  

Basil Holness Jr was driving for Lyft in his black Infinity SUV along MacArthur Causeway in Miami Beach when he was T-boned by the speeding Tesla. 

He had a green light and was attempting to make a U-Turn when the Tesla quick as lightening appeared and crashed head-on into his car on October 21, 2018 just after 1am.

The crash impact was so strong the SUV soared in the air, flipped on its roof and chunks from both sides of the vehicle flew off. Cops say the SUV was nearly cut in half in the collision.  

Lyft driver Basil Holness Jr (left) was driving his SUV for work along a Miami Beach Highway when Jose Soto, 38, (right) crashed into him by speeding at 128mph in his Tesla. The crash impact was so strong the SUV flipped over and was nearly cut into two

Jose Soto, 38, was behind the wheel of the Tesla in the violent crash that left Holness and two passengers in his car suffering traumatic injuries.   

Soto surrendered to authorities and was arrested on January 25 and charged with three counts of reckless driving that caused serious bodily injury. 

Police say Soto sped through the traffic light six seconds after it turned red and hit the brake 1 1/2 seconds before the crash, according to Local10.  

Holness had to be hospitalized for nearly four weeks and suffered traumatic brain injuries, brain bleeding, and fractures to his spine and ribs.

‘I am alive and God was with me. I can’t believe it. I don’t remember what happened. I don’t remember the car flipping over. When I look at it right now I can’t believe it,’ Holness said incredulously as CBS Miami showed him video of the vicious collision.  

Holness, a father to two young children, is still recuperating from his serious injuries but says every day is a challenge.  

‘I was left with traumatic brain injuries and had bleeding on the brain and I was in a coma for a few weeks and I am just now getting back to work,’ Holness said. ‘I had spinal and rib fractures and a lacerated liver. I am just now getting back but I must tell you that every day is a struggle.’

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Footage released by Miami Beach Police shows Holness’ black SUV above attempting to make a U-turn on October 21, 2018 just after 1am as he was driving for Lyft 

Soto in his white Tesla (above) runs a red light at 128mph and T-bones into the black SUV 

The crash impact was so strong the SUV flew into the air, flipped on its roof, and was nearly cut into two pieces

The Tesla continued to drive as pieces of the SUV flew in two different directions 

Basil Holness Jr and his two Lyft passengers suffered traumatic injuries in the crash. Holness was hospitalized for nearly four weeks following the collision

‘I thank God that I am alive and I thank God for my life. To this driver I don’t know what to say. I heard he was arrested. This was unbelievable,’ he said. 

One of the backseat Lyft passengers suffered four fractured lower lumbar vertebrae, four fractured ribs on the right side, a partially collapsed right lung, a fractured right clavicle, two fractures on the right side of his pelvis and numerous cuts and bruises over his body, according to the police report. 

The second passenger suffered a fractured arm and a traumatic brain injury.

It’s not clear why Soto was speeding as he drove down the highway at 1:05am and blew the red light. His lawyer said he had not been drinking and didn’t consume any chemicals or controlled substances. 

‘It’s a shocking video of the crash that resulted after a Tesla traveling at top speed, 128 miles per hour, along the McArthur Causeway,’  Officer Ernesto Rodriguez said on the shocking video. 

‘At the moment of impact, after he pressed his brakes, it was a 93 mile per hour impact,’ he added. 

Soto’s attorney Robert Reiff released a statement following the publication of the crash video, saying his client didn’t commit a criminal offense.   

‘This is certainly a tragic accident. However, we do not see where there is any evidence where this is a criminal act on Mr. Soto’s behalf. He was not drinking and had not consumed any chemicals or controlled substances,’ he said. 

‘As such, we do not see the basis for criminal charges, as opposed to civil infractions. However, at this early stage in the investigation, we will await further information and the opportunity to have our own experts analyze the evidence,’ he added.

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