Skinny-dip Briton sparks ‘major’ search at Sydney’s Bondi Beach

A British tourist sparked a “major” search after skinny-dipping in the middle of the night at Sydney’s Bondi Beach. 

The man and his friends went into the water at around 3.50am, but they noticed he was missing when they returned to shore and found his clothes and belongings still on the beach.

A police spokesperson said a “major search” was launched for the 25-year-old involving an ambulance helicopter, Surf Rescue and the water police.

The Briton was eventually tracked down about an hour later when locals spotted a naked man strolling along a Sydney street.

He was picked up by police and confirmed as the missing tourist.

Paramedics checked him over before he was “reunited with his clothes and friends”.

Authorities have warned that rip tides are always present in the waters at Bondi and said the famous beach is not patrolled after dark.

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