SkyTrain passengers on a Canada Line train stuck for 3 hours in Richmond

It was a tense and very cold evening for SkyTrain passengers stranded on a Canada Line train for three hours Monday night.

The train became stuck between the Aberdeen and Lansdowne stations at about 8:20 p.m, halting all service between Bridgeport and YVR stations.

TransLink thinks heavy ice on the power rail may be the culprit but it needs to verify that.

Global News

Technicians initially tried to recover the train by rocking it back and forth. When that failed, they sent a rescue train to bail out the folks stuck onboard.

Passenger Masooda Shahi tells Global News reporter John Copsey what happened next:

“There was a rescue train, after maybe an hour, right behind us. That was the time the train was moving back and forth, like maybe 10 metres, and that also got stuck.”

Technicians managed to recover the stuck rescue train and tried coupling it with the first train, but there wasn’t enough power to haul both.

Finally, after nearly three hours, customers got out of their train and walked across the guide way to one on the opposite track.

Translink says customers were not evacuated to the opposite guide way right away, as it was not safe to lead them along the elevated guide way in the hazardous weather conditions.

“We extend a sincere apology to these customers,” Translink spokesperson Jill Drews says in an email.

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