Stephen Bear may be forced to sell assets to pay back tape money

Jailed reality star Stephen Bear could be forced to sell his assets to pay back £2,100 he made on OnlyFans after sharing revenge porn tape with ex-girlfriend Georgia Harrison

  • Stephen Bear is liable for the profits he made from Georgia Harrison’s sex tape

Jailed ex-reality TV star Stephen Bear could be forced to sell his assets in an effort to pay back the funds he made from posting an explicit video of Georgia Harrison

Bear, 33, was jailed for one year and nine months last week after he secretly filmed himself and the Love Island star having sex before sharing it on OnlyFans and WhatsApp.   

Following the sentencing on March 3, the deputy chief crown prosecutor for East of England, Hannah Von Dadelszen, said that Bear will be forced to ‘sell any assets he has’ to pay back the £2,100 made on Miss Harrison’s video.

‘That first stage of making a declaration of assets does enable that consideration. You might not have the ready cash but you have a house or a car.’

Ex-reality star Stephen Bear is liable for the profits he made from Georgia Harrison’s sex tape

The film of Georgia Harrison was captured on CCTV cameras in Bear’s garden in 2020

Bear is believed to have made around £40,000 on OnlyFans overall, but is only liable for the amount made on Miss Harrison’s video, Ms Von Dadelszen said. 

The court reportedly heard that Bear may also have to pay £3,500 in prosecution costs, but how exactly this money is taken will be determined after a Proceeds of Crime hearing. 

It comes after Bear was said to be worried about losing his Essex home, as barrister Gemma Rose claimed he was finding it difficult to make mortgage payments during the trial. 

The sex tape of Miss Harrison was captured on CCTV cameras in Bear’s garden on August 2, 2020, before shared online. 

Bear was arrested after returning from Dubai in 2021 and was later convicted on two counts of disclosing private videos and one count of voyeurism. 

The disgraced TV personality reportedly moved back in with his parents during the police investigation after receiving death threats.  

Miss Harrison, who has also appeared on The Only Way Is Essex, was devastated by the tape and a judge said she suffered ‘extensive humiliation and embarrassment’ at the hands of her former lover.

Before last week’s sentencing, the disgraced TV star released a compilation video on TikTok showing him with his current lover, Jessica Smith, saying ‘Brb, crying’.

The three-minute, 44-second clip showed Bear licking his 23-year-old lover’s face, kissing her in front of the Eiffel Tower and feeding her a chicken leg to the remixed tune of ‘Somewhere Only We Know’. They’re also shown pouting and going on holiday.

It is said the reality TV star struggled to pay his mortgage throughout the sex tape trial 

Bear’s sycophantic fans were last night championing him on TikTok, with one saying ‘I love you so much xxxx’ as another said ‘Beautiful, good luck’. A third added: ‘Good luck tomorrow.’

Judge Christopher Morgan jailed Bear, 33, for 21 months and gave him a restraining order not to contact Miss Harrison. 

As Bear was led to the cells, the remorseless influencer was heard saying: ‘Have a good evening, enjoy your weekends everyone.’

It is now understood that Miss Harrison is now also looking to pursue compensation in civil court.  

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