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A TEENAGE girl has been shot dead in Egypt after turning down a marriage proposal from an older man.

Amani Abdul-Karim al-Gazzar, 19, a physical education student, was shot in the back outside her family home after she and her family both rejected the proposal.

Her killer was 29-year-old Ahmed Abou Ameirah, who turned the gun on himself following his sickening attack on Saturday.

He reportedly killed Amani in a fit of anger after she and her family rejected his proposal, before fleeing the scene in the village of Tukh Tanbisha, around 70 miles north of Egypt's capital Cairo.

His body was discovered in a road close to the nearby city of Quwaysna, the Egyptian Interior Ministry said.

"Legal measures were taken, and the public prosecution is handling investigations," it added.


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Before taking his own life, Ameirah reportedly shared a sick video of himself goading the police officers hunting for him and revelling in his evil crimes.

In the clip, shared widely on social media, he said: "I am Ahmad Abou Ameirah, you are all searching for me. I am the criminal."

Taking credit for Amani's murder, he went on: "I used to breathe her, and I was living for her… I will take your revenge."

The horrific slaughter comes as Egypt tackles soaring rates of violent crimes targeting women, with several high-profile cases involving women who had rejected men's advances.

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In June, another young student was stabbed to death in public as she stepped off a bus by a crazed stalker.

Naira Ashraf was murdered outside her university in northern Egypt on the way to her final exams after she had turned down several marriage proposals from her killer.

Her throat was slit by a fellow student, in shocking CCTV footage which was shared widely online.

In July, it was announced Naira's killer, Mohamed Adel, will be executed on live TV.

I used to breathe her, and I was living for her… I will take your revenge

The latest death has sparked fear among women in Egypt, particularly due to the apparent copycat nature of the attack.

Three days after Naira's murder, another young female student was murdered outside her campus, this time in Jordan.

According to reports, the woman's killer sent her a text the day before the murder reading: "Tomorrow I am coming to speak to you and if you don't accept I am going to kill you just like the Egyptian killed that girl today."

Last month another Egyptian student was murdered by a "spurned" man.

"Another day, another femicide in Egypt," one social media post read following Amani's murder.

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Campaigners are calling for tougher laws in Egypt targetting gender-based attacks in the wake of the killings.

Nearly eight million Egyptian women were victims of violence committed by partners, relatives or strangers in public places, according to a UN survey in 2015.

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