Study finds QUARTER of smartphone-mad Brits plan to give up phone time for 2019

Britain’s Top New Year’s resolutions for 2019

Go on a diet 32%

Do more exercise 26%

Spend less time on social media 24%

Save money and be frugal 24%

Read more books 18%

Go on a total detox / body cleanse 16%

Find a job you love 12%

Walk 10,000 steps daily  11%

Don't look at your phone after 9pm 10%

Be more creative 10% 

Use my time wisely 10%

Stop smoking and switch to vaping 9%

Join a gym 9% 

Be a better friend 9%

Be a better partner 9% 

Make new friends / be more sociable 9%

Listen more, talk less 8%

Spend more time with people who matter 8%

Be more tolerant of others 8%

Stop wasting time online 7%

Start a new hobby 7%

Drink less or drink mindfully 7%

Take a digital detox (not going online for a set number of days) 7%

Learn a language 7%

Be kinder 7%

Find ‘The One’ 6%

Tell your family that you love them more often 6%

Spend more time with my children 5%

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