Suez Canal: Ship stocked with sex toys among those blocked from entering cargo route as customers left frustrated

A SHIP stocked with sex toys has been among those blocked from entering the cargo route in Suez Canal, leaving customers frustrated.

The "pleasure boat" carrying around 20 containers full of "dildos, vibrators and male masturbators" is among the 231 ships stuck in a "traffic jam" while attempts to free the passage are ongoing.

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Dutch erotic company EDC Retail estimate they have suffered major losses as they are unable to restore stocks.

Bosses are now trying to find a solution while the Ever Given container ship still blocks the main passage.

They are exploring the alternative of re-routing the ship around Africa but they said it will take another five to seven days to reach its destination.

Evertine Magerman, the company's CEO told Dutch news outlet RTV Noord: "There are more than twenty containers are full of well-running items, such as vibrators, dildos and male masturbators."

"A lot of those products were sold for Christmas and Valentine's Day, for example.

"There is now an extra lot on the way to restore stocks. But that is not possible now. 

"And the annoying thing is that such a hitch continues for a long time before the rhythm in the transport chain is restored."

Earlier this week The Ever Given got stuck after it lost control in a 30mph sand storm and ended up wedged diagonally across the vital Egyptian waterway, blocking the global trade route.

Now, £7billion of goods on at least 248 vessels are stuck behind it.

So far there have been made two failed attempts to help the 1,300ft-long container ship move along -but experts say the vessel could be freed TODAY.

The vessel's Japanese owner, Yukito Higaki, president of Shoei Kisen, told a news conference that 10 tugboats had been deployed to dredge the banks and canal bottom.

He added that the crews were hoping to dislodge the ship as early as Saturday.

And an official at the Suez Canal Authority said they were planning to make at least two attempts today to free the vessel when the tide drops. 

Meanwhile, rescue teams have unveiled their latest weapon in the battle to free the grounded mega-ship — a giant vacuum cleaner.

Meanwhile, a day after sending a lone digger to shift the 200,000-tonne Ever Given, rescue teams have unveiled their latest weapon, a giant vacuum cleaner, suction dredger Mashhour.

It can hoover up 2,000 cubic metres of material an hour, raising hopes that the giant cargo vessel can be freed from the Suez Canal.

Rescuers hope it can shift enough material to let them try to refloat the ship.

The blockage has prompted fears of shortages of fuel and many other goods — as well as Covid vaccines and PPE.

Shipping companies have already started rerouting some vessels on a costly, 5,000-mile, 14-day detour around South Africa’s Cape of Good Hope.

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