Sweating killer dad Chris Watts stares daggers at wife's friend shortly after slaughtering his family

Watts, 33, returned home only to find wife Shanann’s friend Nicole Atkinson had already called the cops after she had already begun to worry about her.

Nicole had dropped Shanann off just 12 hours earlier from a work trip.

When Watts arrived back home cops were already at his house and the footage was shot by an officer of the Frederick Police Department in Colorado, USA.

Watts is seen sweating profusely while the police search his home.

Nicole becomes anxious at one point when she realises Shanann has not taken any of her medication with her.

Images have also emerged of the shallow grave Watts buried his pregnant wife after he strangled her with his bare hands.

He wrapped her in a sheet from their bed and put her in a hole just eight inches deep.

The coroner in the case had previously said Shanann's body was found with the fetus of her son in her underwear after she suffered a prolapsed uterus caused by her gruesome death.

Watts initially claimed his wife had killed their daughters Celeste, 3, and Bella, 4, but investigators later found he had killed all three on August 13and he pleaded guilty to their murder at his trial.

He was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences without parole earlier this month.

Prosecutors released new evidence in the case, including a confession tape, photos, text messages and video.

The bodies of his daughters were found in oil tanks, and his wife was found in a shallow grave in a remote oil field managed by the company he worked for, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation.

Watts’ mistress Nichol Kessinger, 30, told police she was heartbroken when she heard about the deaths.

She said: "He's so disgusting. I'm so ashamed of him and everything."

Previously Colorado's Weld County District Attorney released footage of Watts buying a sandwich, and chatting with the cashier.

A separate video, released previously of the same morning, shows Watts carrying the bodies of his 15-week-pregnant wife and two young daughter Bella, four, and Celeste, three, out to his car at 5.30am.

The service station video shows a man who is calm, and seems at odds with the atrocious crime he had just committed.

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