Swiss woman pranked by her friend while putting up Xmas decorations

Sweary Christmas! Woman has a hilarious meltdown at ‘faulty’ light-up decoration – not realising her friend is pranking her

  • A woman was pranked by her friend while putting out her Christmas decorations
  • The friend kept turning the power off from the illuminated Santa bear 
  • The footage was shot on December 15 in Sachseln, Obwalden, in Switzerland

This is the moment a prankster wound up her friend as she tried to set up an illuminated Christmas bear outside her home in Switzerland. 

The unidentified woman walked through ankle-deep snow to place the light-up decoration in her garden. 

But she didn’t realise her friend was repeatedly pulling the plug to turn off the bear light and filming her reaction.  

The woman was putting out an illuminated Christmas bear in the snow outside her home in Switzerland

Every time the woman placed the bear on the ground the lights went out – prompting an angry outburst

The woman got increasingly frustrated by the ‘fault’ inside her festive yuletime decoration

Unbeknownst to the woman, her friend was unplugging the electricity supply 

Every time the woman, who was visibly feeling the cold, walked away, her friend pulled the plug, only to reinstate the power as soon as the woman picked up the ornament. 

The woman got increasingly frustrated each time the lights went out, before picking up the decoration and slapping it. 

Meanwhile the prankster can be heard giggling at her reactions. 

After about thirty seconds she begins shouting at the decoration and furiously waving her arms around in fury.  

The footage was shot on December 15 in Sachseln, Obwalden, in Switzerland. 

In the US festive prankster Rich Ferguson could not resist winding up his neighbours by hanging a mannequin off his porch roof to make it look like someone was about to fall after knocking over their stepladder while putting up the decorations.

Ferguson, 51, then set up hidden cameras to record how his neighbours in Colorado reacted when they saw what they thought was a person in need of urgent help.

One woman was filmed rushing over to stand up the stepladder and assist the dummy before realising she had been pranked.

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