Teacher reveals ‘genius’ coronavirus hand washing hack for children in the fight against the deadly bug – The Sun

A TEACHER has revealed her "genius" coronavirus hand washing hack that cut her class's cleaning time in half.

Rachel Stroe took to Facebook to share a video explaining her time-saving trick she uses on her 30 pupils which means they now scrub their hands in under 10 minutes.

Rachel, whose video has been viewed 75,000 times, describes how her students line up to wet their hands and add soap before queuing a second time and rubbing it in while they wait to wash it off.

It comes as the deadly virus has killed five people in the UK and top doctors have warned Britain could be forced to follow Italy by going on lockdown to get a grip on the outbreak.

Rachel, of Farnborough, Hants, said: "The bane of every teacher's existence at the moment is obviously getting the children to wash their hands as frequently as we need to because of the coronavirus.

“So I did an experiment today with my 30 five and six-year-olds in year 1 and we’ve cut our time of washing our hands in half.


“I get all 30 children to line up at the sink, they wet their hands and pump and go straight to the back of the line rubbing their hands in.

“By the time they get to the front of the line again they've washed their hands for more than 20 seconds so they can then rinse and dry with a paper towel.

“Therefore no more spreading of germs.”

Rachel adds that the clever technique “takes a lot less time” than each child singing happy birthday twice, as per Government advice.

She continues: "I'm hoping this will help some other teachers with getting it done quicker and more effectively and obviously safer.

"So good luck to us teachers fighting the coronavirus."


Parents and teachers hailed the technique as "genius" and said they were going to use it on their children.

One wrote: “Brill idea. Can imagine 30 children all singing Happy Birthday all at different times, the noise lol!!”

Another said: “So simple yet makes so much sense.”

Rachel, who teaches at Tower Hill Primary school in Farnborough, Hants, said she was “surprised” by how popular her video had been.

She told the Manchester Evening News: “I never expected it to get so big.

"I shared it on a few teacher pages I’m a member of and it just took off.

"The first time we did it – with the children singing happy birthday twice – it took us almost 20 minutes and doing that seven times a day we wouldn’t get any teaching done so then I thought about how to make it more efficient.

"With the curriculum, as teachers we need all the teaching time we can get."

It comes after the Government advised the public to wash their hands using soap and water for the amount of time it takes to sing happy birthday twice, which is around 20 seconds.

People should rub their hands together and go in between the fingers as well as cleaning the tips and thumbs.

They should then dry their mitts with a disposable towel.

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