Teen Jordan Holgerson shoved off 60ft bridge by ‘best friend’ reveals horror injuries and demands prison sentence after culprit offered plea deal

Taylor Smith, 19, was charged with reckless endangerment after pushing Jordan Holgerson into the water from a Washington bridge last August – however it's emerged prosecutors have offered her a deal.

In a video captured by a pal in August last year, the bikini-clad girl is heard mumbling “No, I won’t go”.

Seconds later, a girl – later identified as Smith – shoves her forward off the bridge over the Lewis River in Vancouver, Washington.

Holgerson can be seen flailing her arms and legs in the air then hitting the water with a huge clap in the footage.

Doctors have said that the impact of Holgerson hitting the water chest first would have been the equivalent to landing on concrete.

The teen suffered six broken ribs and two punctured lungs in the horror fall – and six months on, she's still suffering from her injuries and requires physical therapy

She told the Today program: "Because ribs take so long to heal, every once in a while I'll turn and they'll pinch and hurt."

Certain days I want her to be put in jail… But some days I think that might be a little too harsh.

Accused pusher Smith pleaded not guilty to reckless endangerment, but in court earlier this week it was revealed that prosecutors have offered the teenager a plea deal.

Details of the plea deal have not been made public but the family of the pushed teenager have said they support it.

However, the teenager is still conflicted over what her friend's punishment should be.

She told the Today program: "Certain days I want her to be put in jail.

"But some days I think that might be a little too harsh."

She added: "In court I was hoping for justice and her being sentenced, and everything just being over because it's been a long process."

The next hearing For Taylor Smith is scheduled for next month. It's reported Smith could face sentencing or a trial depending on if a plea deal is reached.

Smith previously told Good Morning America that she never thought her friend would be injured and everything "would be fine".

She said: "She wanted to jump and she was scared and she asked me to give her a push, I didn't think about the consequences.

"I've apologised several times, but I haven't been able to see her in person. I went to the hospital. I got asked to leave, I wasn't allowed to see her.

"I never intended to hurt her, ever. I'm really sorry it turned out that way. I just pray she heals."

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