Terrifying moment a Manhattan parking garage collapses on itself

Terrifying moment NYC parking garage collapses in on itself – killing one and injuring five – as FDNY hunts for trapped victims with robotic DOG

  • Surveillance footage captured the moment a Manhattan parking garage collapsed Tuesday afternoon
  • The horror incident led to the death of at least one person and injured five others, as authorities evacuated downtown Manhattan 
  • Several people were also trapped in an elevator shaft, as the decrepit building’s floors ‘pancaked’ on top of each other

Terrifying footage captured the moment a Manhattan parking garage collapsed Tuesday afternoon, killing at least one person and injuring five others. 

The horror incident left a fleet of vehicles piled on top of another amongst crumbled concrete, causing a huge emergency response near Wall Street. 

Shocking surveillance video revealed how the cars on a lower level were crushed after the upper floor caved in and vehicles fell through the broken concrete. 

The incident also saw people trapped in an elevator shaft, as the decrepit building’s floors ‘pancaked’ on top of each other, according to city officials.   

Terrifying footage captured the moment Enterprise Ann Parkin in lower Manhattan collapsed in on itself

Cars and debris are seen piled up in the lower Manhattan parking lot after the 

The footage, which was shot on a Ring surveillance camera, shows the vehicles inside in the dark become quickly submerged by falling concrete. 

Numerous vehicles were seen crashing through the openings as the collapse caused significant damage. 

Witnesses described a woman screaming ‘get out!’ as the structure caved in, and images showed the top floor fallen through with vehicles stacked on broken concrete.

Several New York residents who live near the building told DailyMail.com the structure was known to be old, saying the tragedy was ‘not surprising’. 

A parking attendant, who was seen being taken from the scene with his leg wrapped in a bandage, told DailyMail.com that he had been ‘telling them that something like this was going to happen.’  

Shannon Wu, who lives on the same street as the collapsed building, was among around 100 people waiting outside after cops closed an area off around two blocks.

‘It’s a very old building, so it’s honestly not surprising,’ she told DailyMail.com. ‘It’s known as a really old building.

‘My boyfriend was home when it happened, and he said the whole street was shaking.’ He described it as ‘like the subway shaking underneath the building’.

An injured person being rushed from the scene 

Members of the mayor’s team are seen at the scene on Tuesday evening 

Eric Adams, the mayor of New York, speaks beside NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell (left)

The incident occurred at Enterprise Ann Parking at 57 Ann Street, between Nassau Street and William Street in lower Manhattan, near Wall Street at around 4:15pm.  

The cause of death of the deceased individual has not been made public, and five people are being treated at a local hospital, FDNY Chief of Operations James Esposito said. 

Several buildings in the immediate area were evacuated after the incident, and officials told DailyMail.com a police presence will remain in the area as authorities continue to investigate the cause of the accident. 

Don Mulligan, who was inside the hotel directly next to the garage when it collapsed, told DailyMail.com: ‘The evacuation was very orderly, they weren’t rushing people, just went over the intercom and got everyone out.’ 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams told the media that a robotic dog, which is also known as a Digidog, was needed to go into the building when officials arrived on the scene because the collapsed building was unstable.

‘At this time this building is completely unstable and the chief – we do not want to send in someone until we can make sure the building is shored up,’ the mayor added.

Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell, speaking at the scene, called the incident a ‘structural collapse’.

Responding firefighters did enter the building upon arrival, but retreated when the structure was deemed unstable.

A robotic dog also known as a Digidog was needed to go into the building because it was unstable

Cars piled up on top of each other after the building’s floors ‘pancaked’ on top of each other

An aerial shot over 57 Ann Street showing where the collapse occurred 

A witness to the horror incident described the sound of the crash as being an ‘incredible noise’.

‘I was wondering what that was so I went to the window and I just saw the top floor of this garage…just beginning to cave in and cars just following into this pit,’ Erasmo Guerra told NBC New York. 

Angela Aparico was working in a hotel building about a block away.

‘It just felt like everything was shaking,’ she told DailyMail.com. ‘It was like the whole ground was unsettled, almost like an earthquake.

‘I just hope everybody is okay.’

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