The Bristol Man Had A Hate Dartboard With Photos Of Duchess Kate & The Former President

Matthew Glynn, 37, had a hate dartboard which included Barack Obama, Justin Bieber, and more.

A man described by police as a “far-right bomb maker” was taken into police custody and is being held during the investigation into the 23 bombs and a “hate board” in his home. A military disposal team was called in to make sure they cleared the Bristol, England residence of all explosives.

The Telegraph reports that Matthew Glynn, 37, a British carpenter, will remain behind bars for up to five years for stocking up on explosive devices which forced police to close off his entire street for two days while they searched for any other explosive materials.

Glynn’s “hate board” included photos of Kate Middleton, Cheryl Cole, Barack Obama, and other people who were not identified.

Prosecutor Rache Drake says that when police asked the convicted bomb-maker if they could search his house, he asked if he could tidy up first because he had numerous swords, asking if this would make any charges worse.

“Would it be classed as a terror incident?”

Glynn then told the Bristol Police who were suspicious that he had explosives in the house including one under his bed, says Drake.

“The police search found a vast array of chemicals, including over 6kg of home-made explosive powder, a tennis ball hand grenade and a device covered with ball bearings. They also unearthed a substantial collection of weapons, including Wolverine-style knife with four sharp blades, as well as books on explosives, fuses, ball-bearings and gas canisters.”

Matthew Glynn’s personal Facebook page was covered with posts that expressed anti-Muslim and racial hatred toward several groups.

Glynn told police that he no longer held the right wing beliefs because a woman in his life had “set him straight,” says Detective Inspector Dave Lewis.

“When questioned about [his far-right views], he said that a woman had corrected his thinking. We’ve never identified that woman, we’ve never spoken to her.”

In his sentencing, Judge Peter Blair says that he believes that Glynn is a man with a “confused mind rather than a clear objective.”

But not all of those with bombing devices and hate boards are thought of as benign. Last year in the U.K., Husnain Rashid was arrested on terrorism offenses after plotting against one of the younger members of the royal family, Prince George.

Rashid is thought to be affiliated with a terrorist group out of Syria and was caught sending encrypted messages threatening the royal family and including the name and address of Prince George’s school.

Rashid stated that nobody would be safe with a photo of a jihadi fighter.

“Even the royal family will not be left alone.”

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