The Great Escape stars pictured at Munich beer festival

The Great Escape… to Oktoberfest! James Garner and Charles Bronson are among Hollywood stars of WWII epic pictured in high spirits at Munich beer festival in actor’s photo archive that is up for auction

  • The cast of the 1963 classic WWII film were pictured enjoying themselves with traditional tankards of beer
  • The photos have surfaced as part ofthe late James Garner’s personal archive being auctioned off by his estate
  • Other lots in the haul include costumes from Maverick, a Golden Globe and an embroidered racing jacket
  • The entire set of items being sld off by Julien’s Auctions is expected to fetch over £370,000 ($500,000) 

Photos of the cast of The Great Escape letting their hair down at Oktoberfest have come to light 59 years on.

The pictures show James Garner and Charles Bronson, who both starred in the film sipping from traditional tankards at the Bavarian beer festival alongside other friends.

James Garner (left) and Charles Bronson (right) enjoying themselves with friends at an Oktoberfest event with tankards of beer

Another image shows him merrily impersonating a conductor at the popular Bavarian beer festival. 

The snaps have surfaced as part of Garner’s personal archive which is expect to fetch £370,000 ($500,000) when it is auctioned off in June.

Garner played Flight Lieutenant Robert Hendley in the classic 1963 film about Allied prisoners of war attempting to escape a Nazi POW camp. 

Other photos taken on set capture the American actor reading a book about the Third Reich to research the role.

Garner (pictured) also is pictured pretending to be a conductor at the event which has come to light as part of the sale of the late Hollywood legend’s personal archive by Julien’s Auctions

Garner seems to be in high spirits in the photos taken from the Bavarian beer festival event and released to publicise the sale 

Another photo which is found in the archive is Garner reading a book about the Third Reich on the set of the 1964 film The Great Escape

There is a signed picture of him on the back of a topless Steve McQueen’s motorbike, and another of the pair mucking about playing musical instruments.

Garner, known for his roles in The Great Escape, Maverick, The Rockford Files and The Notebook, died in 2014 and now his estate has made available some of the prized possessions from his major roles.

The archive, which boasts a signed Great Escape poster, is tipped to sell for It also includes the entire Western costume Garner wore as Bret Maverick in the hit TV series ‘Maverick’ that ran from 1957 to 1962.

The outfit comprises of a black wool coat, a white cotton shirt with ruffles down the front, a beige silk vest, a dark blue silk string tie and a pair of gray wool trousers. It is valued at £15,000.

A signed photo of Garner on the iconic motorcycle from The Great Escape alongside Steve McQueen who plays Captain Virgil Hilts in the beloved film

McQueen also features in this picture with Garner from the set of The Great Escape with the actors in costume

Another signed photograph featuring McQueen and Garner in the 

And two classic black felt wool cowboy hats he wore as Maverick are tipped to fetch £3,000 each.

A circular pendant engraved with the initials ‘JG’ with a small horseshoe charm affixed by a chain that was probably gifted to the actor during his time filming Maverick is worth £400.

Elsewhere in the sale, there is the ‘Best Actor’ Golden Globe award presented to James Garner in 1993 for his role in the comedy-drama mini series Barbarians at the Gate. The award is valued at £4,000.

The pair of hats Garner wore for his role in Maverick are expected to fetch £3,000 each at the auction which has been sanctioned by his estate

Several costumes that the late actor kept from his roles over the years will also feature in the Julien’s Auction sale

Other items included in the sale are a safety helmet customised for Garner after he became an avid driver and a Golden Globe for Best Actor that he received for starring in Barbarians at the Gate

Garner became an avid race-car driver thanks to his acting role in the 1966 movie Grand Prix and a safety helmet customised for him in the late 1960s with his name on the back is expected to sell for £2,000.

There is also a 1980s blue racing jacket with ‘Goodyear’ written on the left breast and his name ‘Jim Garner’ stitched in white thread on the right breast has an estimate of £300.

Martin Nolan, executive director of Julien’s Auctions in Los Angeles, US, said: ‘This special auction presentation offers some of the most cherished professional and personal items from James Garner, one of Hollywood’s acting greats.

A 1980s blue racing jacket with ‘Goodyear’ written on the left breast and his name ‘Jim Garner’ stitched in white thread on the right breast has an estimate of £300

An award presented to Garner circa 1975 by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for ‘the placement of his star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame’ has an estimate of £450

‘His acclaimed and popular portrayals of television’s classic characters, Bret Maverick and Jim Rockford, and roles on the big screen epic of The Great Escape to the universally beloved The Notebook have delighted audiences worldwide.

‘We are honoured to present this incredible collection representing a lifetime of outstanding performances by this incredible man, humanitarian, daredevil racer and iconoclast who broke all the rules.’

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