The symbol that saved two students who were lost in outback Australia

The SOS signal that saved two students who fought to survive after getting stranded in the outback without food or water when their car got bogged

  • The students bogged their car in outback in a remote part of South Australia
  • Pair etched ‘SOS’ on nearby dirt in a bid to be spotted and saved by locals
  • Students survived two days without food or water until they were found

A couple of stranded students successfully used the international call for help after getting lost in a remote part of Australia.

The international students, from France and Hong Kong, encountered problems last weekend when their Toyota RAV4 became bogged on Cordillo Downs Road, about an hour north of Innamincka, in South Australia’s north-east.

The situation in the Australian outback quickly became dire, but the pair were eventually located by a field worker on Tuesday morning.

In a desperate bid to be located, the students dropped a number of handwritten notes onto the ground and also wrote ‘SOS’ in nearby dirt so the distress sign could potentially be viewed aerially by passing planes.

The stranded students etched SOS (pictured above) into the dirt in an attempt to be rescued 

The students bogged their car about an hour north of Innamincka, in South Australia’s north-east (pictured above) on Sunday

Their savvy approach paid off, with the field worker from Santos soon locating the men, who had spent two days without food or water.

After being medically treated by representatives from the Royal Flying Doctor Service at the Innamincka Trading Post, the men were given a lift from a ranger back to their car on Wednesday.

‘We are pleased our folk were able to find the pair, locate their car and following a medical check up by our on-site medical team, they continued on their journey,’ a Santos spokesman told The Advertiser.

‘The tourists had been walking for two days after their car had become bogged.

‘First aid was immediately provided by the Santos operators and company emergency response processes were initiated.’

Just last week, two other visitors were equally lucky after enduring a similar scenario in the same remote area in South Australia.

The manager from Innamincka Station happened to be out flying and spotted the pair, who were in distress.

After landing his plane, he rescued the relieved tourists, who had run out of essentials.

Innamincka (pictured above) is a remote area in South Australia, where conditions are harsh all year round

The men encountered dramas when their RAV4 car became bogged last weekend (stock image)

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