The ugly truth about de Blasio’s ‘equity’ agenda

Critics’ charge that Mayor de Blasio’s “reforms” would actually destroy the city’s top high schools got fresh proof last week, from the city’s Independent Budget Office.

By state law, most admissions to Bronx Science, Brooklyn Tech and Stuyvesant HS are now based exclusively on performance on a single, race-blind test. Several other high schools, created to meet demand, also rely on the test, though the city can change the standard.

De Blasio wants admissions shifted, with offers going to the top 7 percent of students at each middle school, provided they rank in the top quarter of students citywide.

The mayor says his goal is greater racial diversity, but the IBO’s numbers show the plan would mainly shut out Asian-American kids (cutting their admissions in half) in favor of black and Hispanic ones (whose enrollment would quadruple).

About the same number of white students would get in — though their overall quality would likely drop.

Because the IBO also found that the number of admittees (now more than 90 percent) who score top proficiency on state math exams would fall by nearly a third, along with a smaller drop in English proficiency.

This tracks with an earlier Wall Street Journal analysis that similarly showed the de Blasio plan leading to the admission of kids with lower proficiency scores. That study also found that some 300 kids who didn’t pass the state tests would “earn” offers, while 1,000 higher-scoring ones would be excluded.

Yes, de Blasio and schools Chancellor Richard Carranza need the Legislature’s backing for this scheme — but the smaller Plan B that they’re already implementing, by retooling and expanding the alternative-admissions Discovery program, has a smaller-but-similar impact.

This is the “equity” that de Blasio and Carranza are devoted to: discrimination against one minority (Asians) in favor of another — while tossing “excellence” out the window.

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