These young leopards end up in a tailspin during some family fisticuffs – The Sun

YOUNG brother leopards end up in a tailspin during some family fisticuffs.

The sensational shots were taken by US tourist Trish Hennessy, 61, on her first day at Samburu National Reserve in Kenya.

She said: “I wasn’t ready and I kept thinking, ‘Please let it be in focus’.”

The two brothers can be seen messing around, and then comes the dramatic moment they jump onto one another.

Snapper Trish added: “I think the leopards dancing on the rock are my favourite captures because it happened so fast.

“The two brothers started out in the brush and eventually climbed their way to the top of the rocks on the hill and continued to put on a show.

“I thought it was very courteous of them to come out from the brush and play in front of us with no distracting trees and bushes.

“When I took the pictures of the leopards, I cried with delight. It was a gift.”

Luckily, she got the camera settings spot-on . . .

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