Three escape vehicle rollover into icy Okanagan Lake

A northbound vehicle left Highway 97 and rolled into Okanagan Lake on Wednesday night, trapping at least two people inside.

It happened in Peachland near Renfrew Road, just before 11 p.m. and there was no snow or ice on the road.

Tracks seen in the snow beside the road showed the vehicle suddenly veered into the lake.

The three occupants of this white vehicle managed to scramble to shore.

While one person was able to immediately exit the vehicle after the crash, two were said to be stuck inside the overturned car, half of which was submerged in the icy water.

Emergency crews called for the fire department’s marine rescue, but the two managed to free themselves and wade to shore, according to the Peachland Fire Department.

A firefighter was said to have gone into the water to ensure no one else was inside the car.

Two of the occupants are said to be in the care of paramedics while one person is with the RCMP.

It’s unclear how the vehicle ended up in the lake nor the extent of injuries among the two men and one woman involved in the crash.

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