Three new Jeffrey Epstein victims come forward – including ‘sex slave prisoner’, 20, who claims Ghislane Maxwell taught her the ‘proper’ way to pleasure the paedo – The Sun

THREE more women have come forward to accuse Jeffrey Epstein of horrific sexual abuse – launching law suits against his £475million estate.

One of the alleged victims claims she was taught the "proper way" to pleasure the evil banker by his alleged pimp Ghislaine Maxwell.

Ms Maxwell denies all allegations of misconduct levelled against her.

The alleged victim claims to have been turned into a sex slave prisoner on Epstein's private island after having her passport confiscated by the evil banker who killed himself earlier this month.

Another woman alleges that the wealthy financier, who was awaiting trial for child sex trafficking charges, used a sex toy on her.

The third law suit claims that following his 2008 conviction for having sex with a minor, the multi-millionaire used his work-release program as a front for abuse, reports CBS News.

Attorney Stan Pottinger, who is representing the women, said the alleged victims want justice as well as financial compensation from Epstein's vast estate.


He said: “We want to hold the Epstein organisation to account first, it's not primarily about money.”

Mr Pottinger, who represents 20 of the banker’s accusers, added: “All of them are against the Epstein estate and various companies that he had as part of his scheme or syndicate or… the organisation that he had that helped him round up girls.”

One of the women, named Lisa Doe in the court papers, claims an associate of Epstein hired her aged 17 to " teach a dance-based exercise class" at the paedo’s townhouse.

However, the suit claims that the child abuser then allegedly solicited massages from the teenager and also "used a sex toy on her, forcibly.”


He then allegedly demanded that she "go to her dance studio and find other dancers."

Another suit filed by a lady named only as Katlyn Doe alleges Epstein molested her from the age of 17 and coerced her to "lose her virginity to him" when she turned 18.

She alleges that the hedge fund manager forced her to marry one of his associates so they could become a US citizen and continue to recruit young girls for him.

The third suit filed by Priscilla Doe claims she was introduced to Epstein when she was aged 20 and was taught by Ms Maxwell "the proper way" to pleasure the paedophile.

She also alleges that Epstein confiscated her passport while on Little St James – his private Caribbean island located in the US Virgin Islands.

Ms Maxwell has denied recruiting women for Epstein and has not been charged with any crime.

Her suit also mentions the banker’s powerful pals including film director and accused sex offender Woody Allen who she served snacks to at a private party.

Mr Pottinger said that despite his death from suicide, the pursuit of justice for Epstein’s victims is still ongoing.

He said: "I think the government, while it has been taken off track briefly by this untimely death, I think that they're not giving up.”

Epstein owned two isles in the Virgin Islands worth a total of more than $86 million (£70 million).

However, it's been revealed the shamed tycoon instructed lawyers to put all his £475m fortune into secret trust 48 hours before he hanged himself in his New York jail cell.

As the paperwork was filed in the US Virgin Islands legal experts now fear it will be very difficult for his victims to get anything from his estate.

Adam Horowitz, a US attorney who settled eight civil lawsuits against Epstein on behalf of victims a decade ago, said the trust will be now have to be interpreted under local law.

While most American states have a laws related to trusts and avoiding creditors – like Epstein’s sexual assault victims – Horowitz said he is not sure the same rules apply in the tax haven.

"The creditors are going to have to become well-versed in Virgin Islands law,” Horowitz told the Sun-Sentinel today.

"It could be very different from Florida or New York law.”

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